New Innovations from Safe Home Security

Safe Home Security has been in the business for some time and is constantly updating and improving its products and services. With the recent announcement of their new app and its enhanced services we thought we’d take a closer look and see how they stack up. Apps are a great enhancement for DIY security systems but when you are paying for an active service they can begin to feel a bit lacking.


Home security should work when there is an absolute emergency, rather than just be another home automation convenience. When your highest level of communication is via an app rather than a live person, your security and that of your family may suffer.

Home automation is a great advancement that is helping us to lead more streamlined lives, however, home security should never be confused with home automation. Just because you are able to lock and unlock your door by using your app does not mean that your home is safe from intruders. A robust security system can provide those services as added enhancements, but that should not be all that the service provides!

Safe Home Security is not known as a reliable security service and it is not one that we would strongly recommend. If you want to ensure that your family is safe and protected, we advise that you choose a company that is reliable and has a long track record of providing top-level home security services.

App Integration vs. Live Monitoring

Security apps are handy when your back door blows open during a gusty autumn evening, or when your dog is running around like a maniac when you are at work. But what about those times when you do not have constant access to your smartphone or other connected devices? Your family deserves a home security system that includes a 24-7 monitoring service that will protect you in the event that the unimaginable occurs.

How many times has your phone battery died, or you left it behind when you went into a long meeting or to go and see a movie? There are also instances where it could be possible that you become incapacitated and are unable to reach your phone or call for help. A monitoring service is connected to your local fire and police departments and will contact them in the event of an emergency. Don’t you think that is a much better option than an email alert that can just get lost in the shuffle? The security service that you rely on to keep your family safe should offer an app and smartphone alerts as a convenience, not as their top-level notification method.


The Complete Package – Available from Protect America

Are you looking for a complete home security package and trying to avoid the headaches of DIY configurations and less than stellar professional providers? Contact Protect America today and receive your free quote. Protect America is a full-service company that offers everything from free installation to round the clock monitoring services. With over 25 years of experience in the home security services industry, they are more than capable of meeting your security needs and providing the protection that your family requires. The services that you require are available starting at around $32/month.