The right system for home security is one that offers all the equipment needed — and among that equipment is generally at least one security camera. But mounting that camera may mean that a homeowner has to drill holes in the wall, and they may not want to do that. Additionally, if a renter is using a DIY system and wants to add cameras, they may not feel comfortable drilling (or be allowed to drill) holes in the wall to mount that camera. So, are people in these situations just supposed to do without the safety and security they’re looking for? No, they don’t have to do that. There are other options to consider.

A white outdoor security camera is installed next to a dark brown door with a silver 'Welcome' sign on the front.

Fortunately, there are ways that a security camera can be mounted without drilling holes. Three of the most common ways are:

  • Using a removable adhesive strip or suction cup that can be peeled off the wall at a later date without damaging anything
  • Using a small hook that will only leave a little hole, and that doesn’t require any drilling
  • Putting the camera on something such as a shelf or table, where there’s no need to actually attach it to the wall

With those three options in mind, a homeowner or renter can get a security camera in the location they want, and not be doing damage to the wall in the process.

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    There Are Several Ways to Mount a Camera

    The most important thing about mounting a security camera is that it’s set up to “see” everything it’s supposed to — and that it is in a location where the homeowner’s happy with it. But there’s a little bit more to the story than that.

    The security camera also needs to be mounted correctly, and for some people that can mean not drilling holes in anything.

    Whether you’re renting and can’t drill holes due to an apartment policy, or you simply don’t want to, there are other choices you can make to get a security camera mounted without having holes in the walls. By choosing a different way to mount the camera you may have to be a bit more creative. However you can certainly get the camera mounted to where they can feel safe and protected.

    Height and Placement Both Matter

    Security cameras play a fundamental role in your home security system. They’re needed to see if someone is in the house or around the outside of it where they don’t belong, and the height of the camera as well as the placement are both important. If the camera is mounted too high it’s not going to get a good, clear picture that the homeowner will need. Mounting the camera too low can make it very easy for someone to remove or damage the device. Rather than take those kinds of risks, a homeowner should use the proper means to get the camera mounted where it should be.

    Understanding the Perfect Height for Mounting Cameras

    For more security and efficient coverage, we suggest mounting your security camera outdoors at 9 feet above the ground. This is tall enough to prevent a burglar or other unwanted guests from tampering with the device. It also isn’t too high off the ground to blur out faces.

    Don’t be afraid of making your security camera visible, either. The more likely an intruder is to see your security device makes it more likely for them to abandon their pursuit. Some spots around your home’s exterior that are effective for installing your camera includes next to the:

    • Front door
    • First-floor window
    • Back door
    • Garage

    When installing at tall locations, make sure to use a stable ladder and seek assistance when needed.

    A outdoor security camera is installed on the side of a dark grey house.

    Should a Security Company Handle It?

    Whether a homeowner wants to use a security company or a DIY option is up to them. But if they choose a company for peace of mind, they should consider one that offers:

    • ease of installation
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • strong customer service
    • good response times
    • high quality equipment

    Additionally, they may want to check with the company and see how they recommend handling a security camera installation without drilling holes. Working with a company that’s on the same page can make a big difference in how easy the installation is and how good the homeowner feels about the experience.

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