Cameras require so much maintenance. There are so many parts that are needed to make it work. Plus, there is the task of setting up the camera and making sure that it works. One piece that is important for the camera to function is the cable. Not every cable will work for every security camera. There are quite a few factors to look into for getting the right cable. A person could end up buying the wrong cable and the camera ends up not working properly. Protect America knows that it is a headache to look for the right one without any guidance. Here is a short list of everything to look for in selecting the right cable.

  • The type of cable
  • What people are saying about it?
  • How is the warranty?


The Type of Cable

What type of cable does the camera need? It is not wise to dive in and purchase the cheapest camera cable seen. Is the cable capable with the camera? It is not hard to look at what type of camera is being owned. There is usually a guide that comes with the camera and tells the owner everything they need to know about the product. But what if the guide was thrown away? A simple search online can help rectify the problem. Not all cables will work for the same camera.  What cable is the best and easy for the user to handle? How long should this cable to be? One type of cable is known as Plug and play. The site, CCTV Camera Pros, says that,

“Plug and Play Cables (PnP) are very easy to use. They are much like the standard Audio/Video RCA cables used to hook up stereo and television equipment. The connector ends for power, video and audio are all pre-attached and color coded. Red is for power, yellow for video, and white for audio (sometimes not used). The below image shows one end of a set PnP Cables.”

Plug and play cables come in 25, 65, 100, 150, and 200 foot lengths. Another type is a Siamese coax cable. It runs both power and video to the camera. Other cables include:

  • BNC Video Jumper cables
  • Pre-made cables
  • Network cables
  • Patch cables
  • Connectors
  • Video baluns

Each cable should match up to a certain camera. Do the research online and looking through the manual. Once the correct information is obtained, the purchase of the cable can be made.

What People are Saying About it?

Customer reviews are the most important thing to any product. They can boost sales or crumble them. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey on Bright Local, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


If a cable has mostly one to two stars reviews on sites like Amazon, it would be wise not to pick that particular brand of cable. But, be careful when relying on reviews to make decision. Some bots can just leave fake positive and negative reviews for the heck of it. Do the research before hand.

How is the Warranty?

Every nonedible product comes with a warranty. Depending on how long a product is kept around, a warranty can help save money when the product in question does not work properly. This also applies to cables for the security cameras. As soon as the cable is taken out of the box, look for the warranty. This is where the old saying of “read the fine print” comes into play. Knowing the information in the warranty will help to determine how good the cable will look to the buyer. Information about the warranty could probably be found online as well.