When it comes to using a security system, most homeowners choose something they can get right out of the box or have installed by a professional. There’s nothing wrong with either of those options — but it’s important to know what they’re really getting. For example, are they getting security cameras? Do those cameras offer geofencing? If they don’t, is that a problem? There are plenty of questions that need to be answered, but the biggest one is based on what the homeowner really needs. If they want a security camera with geofencing capabilities, though, their options are going to be limited.

For some of the more tech savvy individuals who are looking for options, creating a system that offers geofencing security cameras may be possible. But most homeowners won’t have this level of knowledge, and they’ll want something they can buy instead of something they have to construct. That’s important — and it also makes finding what they’re looking for more difficult. The majority of security cameras are either always on or they’re motion sensitive, but very few of them offer capabilities such as geofencing. It’s just not in big demand, and until it’s more popular it’s probably not going to be easy to locate.


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    How to Use Security Cameras and Geofencing

    Geofencing is generally used to let a home automation system know if the homeowner is in the house or away. By knowing that, the system can control the lights, the door locks, and the temperature, among other things. If the homeowner leaves and goes outside of the “fenced” area, the system makes adjustments. Then the same thing happens when the homeowner returns and re-enters that fenced area.

    This is an important way for the system to react correctly, and is usually done by assuming that the homeowner and their smartphone are one entity.

    But for security cameras, geofencing isn’t as common. There are still options for these kinds of cameras, though, and they can turn on or off depending on where the homeowner is. That’s helpful when recording footage for certain instances, but may not be helpful in other scenarios where the camera is off because of where the homeowner is located.

    Is Geofencing Reliable for Using a Security Camera?

    With security system options like geofencing, a security camera can turn on and off automatically based on the homeowner’s proximity to it. For example, the camera could be on when the homeowner is away, in order to help protect the house. Then it might turn off when the homeowner is home, but may also come on if there’s a sensor that goes off or if motion is detected in a certain area. As technology advances, there are further options for ways to control these particular cameras. That’s increasingly good news for homeowners who want to have more value for their security system dollars.

    Getting the Right Security Company Makes a Difference

    For any homeowner who’s going to use security cameras with geofencing, it’s important to get the right security company to help them. Otherwise, they may not be getting all the benefits they could enjoy. They should also look for a company that offers:

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • ease of installation
    • fast response times
    • good customer service
    • high end equipment

    With all of that, it’s easier for a homeowner to feel good about the security system they have. They’ll be able to geofence their cameras, track motion, and protect themselves. That adds to a higher level of peace of mind, and can help any homeowner feel better in their home.

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