Home security has increased, changed, and developed over the years from simple locks and deadbolts to wireless motion detectors and smart cameras. With home burglaries happening every day, it’s better to be connected, so you can view what’s happening and be able to act in case there is a problem. With smart voice-controlled devices, like Amazon Alexa, you can control your security cameras easily.


Why Use Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa connects to Amazon, so you can directly order or reorder merchandise, play music, and ask questions. You can also connect it to other smart devices using the Bluetooth to sync each device. You’ll have access to those devices through Alexa. For example, if you had smart lighting in your home, you could connect it to the Alexa devices and be able to turn the lights on, off, or dim. Alexa enabled devices are ones such as the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Show, or Amazon Tap.


Products from Amazon.com

    For security cameras with Alexa access, you could control the system’s “Away”, “Stay”, “Arm”, and Disarm” features.

    Alexa Enabled Security Cameras

    • Arlo Pro – Is a wireless home security camera developed by NETGEAR. Arlo Pro uses a 130-degree field of vision, so this camera can be placed almost anywhere in your home. It’s water-resistant, so you can also place it outside above front or backdoors. This camera uses a rechargeable battery and has a two-way audio communication with push-to-talk capabilities.
    • Nest Security – Cameras can view at 130-degree, wide view angles. The outdoor high-definition cameras are weatherproof with night vision. You can also use the touch-to-talk button to find out who’s at the front door without opening it.
    • Ring Spotlight – Camera comes with a spotlight that is activated whenever the motion sensor is triggered. This camera comes with a siren that can be switched on if you notice a suspicious person in your yard. The Ring Spotlight Camera also has a two-way mic and audio feature that allows you to talk to people at the door or in your yard via your smart device.
    • Canary FlexIs a versatile camera that you can use indoors or outdoors. It comes with HD and wide-angle zoom features. This camera is appropriate for day and nighttime viewing. You’ll be able to use the one-touch emergency services feature to alert police or an ambulance to your residence in an emergency.

    Protect America and Home Security Cameras

    Protect America is a home security company that has 24/7 surveillance and monitoring services to keep your home safe. In conjunction with the Amazon Echo Dot, you can have a fully integrated smart home with a touch of a button or by the sound of your voice. With Alexa and the Protect America SMART Connect app, you’ll be able to lock your doors, open or close the garage, turn lights on and off, control your appliances, and adjust the temperature settings.

    When you start your home security search, start with Protect America. Their professional team can walk you through everything that you’ll need to turn your house into a smart home.