Having a security system can provide great peace of mind, but one of the chief complaints of these systems is that they don’t record and/or save enough footage — especially when it comes to video. Still pictures may be all that’s available, and if video is offered it could be some that isn’t good quality or that’s only for a few seconds until the storage runs out. The security system that a homeowner really wants, though, is likely the one that offers a lot more storage and ability to record information that could be of use later on — and that can mean a security DVR with an app to get the information from anywhere.


Yes, it’s possible to get a security system and camera with a DVR. It’s also possible to get an app so it can be viewed on a smartphone. While not common, these kinds of abilities do exist for home security. They’re also possible for business security, where it’s a lot more common to record footage and store it. There used to be tapes, but now more things are being done electronically, without the need for media that has to be housed somewhere else. Everything can go into the cloud, or be stored on a DVR that uses a storage system very similar to what would be offered by a standard computer and hard drive.

DVRs Can Be Used With Security Cameras

Most people don’t really think about using a DVR with a security camera. They think about it for recording their TV shows, instead. But if it’s important to have security camera footage that can be stored easily and for a long period of time, a DVR camera system can be the right option.

In order to have something like this, though, and in order to make sure the footage can be properly accessed the right way, it’s important to focus on the app that can be used to see this footage.

There are very few options for these kinds of apps, but there are websites and other forms of security camera footage apps and software that allow a homeowner to have what essentially works like a DVR and an app to watch the footage. Fortunately, home security apps are becoming more and more popular.

Why Should Homeowners Record Their Security Footage?

With every home, there’s the possibility of a break in or other issue. Even with the best security system a homeowner can get, something could still happen. If it does, that homeowner will want to have the footage they can show to the authorities, in the hope of catching whoever caused the problem. But without good footage from the security camera, it could be much more difficult for a homeowner to even find out who was at fault, or have anything to show to proper authorities so they will have a lead. That footage matters, and it needs to be stored well and easily accessed.


Ask the Security Company if They Support a Security DVR

Not all companies that offer monitored home security support this type of service with their cameras. However, there are also third-party apps and pieces of software that can be used. That’s important to consider with a security company, as is:

  • monitoring on a 24/7 basis
  • easy equipment installation
  • strong customer service and support
  • modern equipment with a warranty
  • quick responses to alarms

If a security company can’t offer these things to a homeowner, it might be better for that homeowner to go somewhere else for their monitoring needs. That way they get the quality and peace of mind they’re really looking for.

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