Have you ever heard of the internet of things? The internet of things is a concept that essentially rolls together all of our advancements in smart and wireless technology into one neat little group. It’s a concept that is rapidly gaining ground not only in America but within the rest of the world. While the Internet of Things focuses on entertainment, it is also incredibly important for the field of home security. That is why companies like Protect America are working so hard to develop wireless security solutions for users around the country. Today, there is a discussion to be head about the effectiveness of landline-free security monitoring. Let us step back and look at the best security monitoring systems around that can be used without the need of a landline.

Professional Monitoring Options

Most people get a security system for peace of mind. People can get in a lot of trouble when no one else knows there’s something wrong. Whether it’s a break in or a health emergency, security systems these days can go a long way in keeping you safe. An in today’s technology, using a landline to communicate with your professionally monitoring service isn’t really ideal anyways. While cellular monitoring is generally the most reliable form of security, broadband can be a really good option also, especially in rural areas. So what are the key advantages?

Professional Cellular Monitoring

Security systems these days use a 4G LTE cellular broadband connection to monitor all system signals. These signals are sent to a professional monitoring service. Cellular security systems are usually considered the most secure, since you can’t just simple cut the line because there isn’t one. They are also extremely fast, and will send warning without any delay.

Professional Broadband Monitoring

There is also an option to connect your security system to your home’s broadband connection. Some areas have spotty or even nonexistent cell service, but have satellite internet. While this is usually pretty reliable, if your internet goes down then so does your security.

The Power of Wireless Home Security

Home security systems are not new to the world of technology, however, the way that they operate is beginning to change in a fundamental way. It used to be that in order to use a home security monitoring system, users would have to have a landline installed within their home. Thanks to continued improvements within the field of wireless technology, this is no longer the case.

Smart home security monitoring now relies upon wireless technology, such as: Zigbee, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

As we noted above, new ways of wireless communication have cropped up over the years which have, in turn, made the idea of landline-based security system all but unnecessary. Potential security monitoring users can look at the systems provided by Protect America in order to get a taste of what these wireless monitoring setups can look like. Knowing what they look like can help a user understand wireless security systems, but there are also a few under-the-surface benefits that will be listed below.

Smart Interface

In the age of cell phones, new wireless security systems can now be interfaced directly thanks to mobile applications. So long as the homeowner has a smartphone, they will have access to their home security.

Wireless Monitoring

Homeowners can go on vacation and still monitor their security from afar in order to let friends or family access their property. Wireless alerts, sent to both the homeowner and the security company, are more efficient than ever.

Finding the Right Security System

Understanding that security systems have changed over the years is one thing, finding the right option for a home is a completely different concept. The first thing that users need to do while searching for a security monitoring system is to take a serious look at their home. Wireless security monitoring systems require strong wireless communication. This means that a strong WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-Wave network needs to be installed and implemented in the home. After the strength of wireless signal is verified, users need to know that they have constant smartphone capability. Having a security monitoring system without a landline means that a mobile smartphone is twice as important.


Relying on Protect America

With a rounded understanding of smart security monitoring systems, it won’t take much research to end up with the right system. For that reason, many people are turning to Protect America to solve their security monitoring needs. Protect America offers exhaustive security monitoring systems that do not require a landline. These security monitoring systems typically showcase several different types of devices which include:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • HD Wireless Video Cameras
  • Touchscreen Panels

With a complete and exhaustive security monitoring system installed, homeowners should be able to rest easy. A simple consultation with Protect America will get the ball rolling.