Most automated devices use smart device apps to control. A home or commercial security system apps have their off-days like everything else. It is not always easy to pinpoint an issue. However, it could be more simple than think, too.


Selecting the Start Over Option

Smart apps are part of wireless security systems. The dozens of reasons of why a homeowner would choose an app compatible does not mean the new technology always works as it should. Like with most things, it could merely require a reset.

  • First, before a restart, always check preferences and settings to jot down so they will be easy to find upon resetting the system.
  • Take into account each cameras serial numbers and models so the information that is put back into the smart app is correct and the connections are instant.
  • All passwords are important. With a security system, they are much more than a password; they equal unique safety.
  • Most security system apps will show “Password Accepted” once a new one is entered and accepted.

The No-Go Connection

The message flashes across that the app and system are not connected. Before panic sets in, check a few things, first.

  • Doublecheck that the app and security system are on the same network.
  • If ever in doubt, turn the system off for 30-seconds and turn it back on. Sometimes the easiest solution is the ultimate solution.
  • Factory reset is the last resort option. But, as mentioned, it is an easy process as long as preferences, and the information on the cameras is readily available for reentry.

Camera Unavailable – Help!

When a homeowner is looking at the camera while the keypad screams the error, “Camera Unavailable” causes instant anxiety.  The fix for the error is likely more straightforward than the initial reaction displayed.

  • Doublecheck the camera itself. If the light is green, it means it is turned on.
  • Fiddle with the camera resolution using the smartphone app. Yes, some preferences will confuse a smart security system.
  • Rebooting and refreshing the smart device app often clears up the error with no more issues.
  • Ensure that WiFi and not LTE is on through the security system app. The camera and app are dependent on the strength of a signal. The better the network connection, the better a wireless security camera system connects and receives up to date information.


Other Obstructions

WiFi, in general, tends to go out at the worst of times. But, sometimes it is as simple as a piece of furniture blocking the router.

If a camera has night vision, but when checked through a security system app, the image is entirely dark, do not freak out!  Check the preferences and ensure the infrared night vision is toggled on.

Finally, sometimes people need a hand. 

Self-monitoring which requires the owner of the alarm system to approve access before the Alarm Install App connects to the alarm panel. User approval is granted from the User App. CMS (Central Monitoring Station) where the system is monitored by a security company. In this scenario, the installer setting on the PowerManage server must be updated for any newly registered account.

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