Amazon’s virtual assistant program Alexa has come a long way since its debut in 2014.  Instead of simply controlling Amazon smart speaker systems and music playlists, Alexa is now an integral part of many smart home security systems.  Its supporting database is stored in the cloud, and Alexa connects to a number of devices through the internet. Home security systems that integrate with Alexa allow users to control a home’s lights, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, locks, and alarms. As technology advances, Alexa acquires new skills through Amazon and third-party developers who want their products to work with the popular virtual assistant. Here are several home security companies that offer Alexa-enabled security systems.


ADT Security

ADT is a recognized leader in the home security industry, and it was one of the first security firms to integrate its central control app, ADT Pulse, with Amazon’s Alexa. ADT users can arm and disarm their security systems with a voice command after linking their ADT account to Alexa.  A homeowner simply calls up Alexa on their smartphone and chooses to add a skill. Pairing with ADT Pulse is one of Alexa’s 40,000 skills.

According to Bill Brenner, an industry expert at Naked Security, there are risks to employing voice-activated devices for home security.  He noted,

“Internet of Things (IoT) attacks were discussed as some potential threat in a distant future. Now they are real. To some experts, it’s only a matter of time before hijacked personal assistants become a clear and present danger.”

ADT attempts to mitigate Alexa-related security threats by requiring users to give Alexa a unique PIN to disarm systems and open locks.  Using this ADT Pulse countermeasure, thieves can’t just command Alexa to unlock a house for them to plunder.


Industry analysts consider Scout to be a next-generation home security company. As a young newcomer to home security, Scout is agile enough to exploit trends and quickly innovate to capture market share. The company has had success with integrating its home security system with Alexa. Users can pair their security system with Alexa through the proprietary Scout home security app. Like ADT, Scout also requires users to ask Alexa to disarm security elements with a unique PIN. Homeowners can ask Alexa if they left the back door open or tell Alexa to send help during a home invasion.

Protect America

Protect America is an award-winning, national home security company, and it didn’t capture its place as a market leader by ignoring one the hottest advancements in smart home security to date. Protect America offers its customers numerous smart home security and automation devices that are designed to make homeowners’ lives more secure and comfortable. These devices are controlled through Protect America’s Z-Wave wireless network, which can be integrated with Alexa. Through this Z-Wave and Alexa collaboration, users can control over 200 devices through voice commands.

Protect America’s integration with home automation powerhouse program Alexa offers users convenience, insight, and more complete home security. Alarm monitors for the security company respond to incidents at speeds that rival Alexa. Just like Alexa, they are on the job 24/7 to give property owners peace of mind. When looking for an effective, affordable home security system that integrates with Alexa, Protect America is a national favorite.


Final Thoughts

There are many home security companies that integrate with Amazon’s Alexa besides the ones that are described above. These three big-name firms also offer Alexa-friendly security systems:

  • Ackerman Security
  • Vivint Home Security
  • Vector Security

Close competitor Protect America, however, delivers some benefits that are hard to beat.

Protect America gives customers free installation help, and it includes about $1,400 worth of up-to-date security equipment with each 36-month contract. Besides getting high-performing equipment and nationally recognized alarm monitoring, Protect America’s clients are sure to capture the best prices for their security systems through the firm’s price-match guarantee. To lock in the lowest rates for your new smart home security system, call Protect America today to get started.