Burglar bars fit over windows, which prevent most burglars from entering a house through a window or a glass door. Most people in America don’t feel the need for such security, though some small businesses in inner cities may see them as a necessity. In some countries with high crime rates, like South Africa, they are a booming business. Thanks to technology and a material called poly-carbonate, see through bars are now available. The see through bars, similar to glass material, are transparent.

In the United States, most home security companies focus on monitoring homes, either through motion sensors or cameras. If you are interested in monitored home security, you may get a free quote from Protect America. Companies like Protect America offer home security that contacts authorities quickly if there is a problem. Protect America sends its product to customers free and talks them through the installation process so there is no installation fee.

Here are some reasons to choose Protect America for standard home security

  •  Professionally monitored security by triple redundant monitoring stations nationwide.
  • Emergency response in seconds.
  • Solutions built around your needs.
  • Do it yourself setup so no installation fees.
  • Remote system control via iOS and Android smartphone app


You may need more than just a monitored home security system.

If you feel you need more than surveillance around the clock, burglar bars might be a solution. They might be a good idea on those small windows for basements near the ground of a lot of houses. These windows often deteriorate and could have become weakened without your knowledge. Burglars are always looking for an opportunity and for weaknesses on homes. Having some of these bars there might be a good idea even if you don’t live in a dangerous neighborhood. Clear burglar bars could also be a good idea on doors with at least some glass. Doors with glass are attractive, but they do give burglars an opportunity to break in by simply breaking a piece of glass.

Polycarbonate to the Rescue

For years, burglar bars were made of metal, and lacked aesthetic appeal. They also obstructed the view of people on the inside of the house. Poly-carbonate has changed all that. It is a very tough material and very light. In some ways, poly-carbonate is even stronger than metal. They are not bendable as a metal bar would be, and they are bullet proof.

If you do feel you need burglar bars, it makes sense to have transparent ones that do not obstruct your view.

Polycarbonate transparent burglar bars obviously won’t rust like metal bars will. They require no maintenance, and don’t need painting. If you need to clean bars made of polycarbonate, you can simply wipe them off with a damp cloth or perhaps some mild soap and water.

Shapes and sizes

Transparent burglar bars are available in different widths and sizes. They are available as sheets as well, which can be installed like a covering. They are much tougher than metal bars and would be extremely hard to break though without specialized tools.

Burglar bars are very popular in places like South Africa and South America, where crime is very high and there is very little, if any, law enforcement. Transparent burglar bars are big businesses in South Africa where many of them are made. However, they are still available for purchase in the U.S. if you feel you have the need for them. In the meantime, a home surveillance system is a great way to protect your home.