Smart locks are one of the latest innovations in security products. Smart door locks allow you to remotely control who enters your business. The important thing to keep in mind is not all smart door locks are created equal. You’ll want to consider the following before investing in smart locks for your business.

Durability and Convenience

You’ll want to weigh several factors if you decide to choose a smart door lock system for your business. The first involves the type you want to utilize. You can choose a smart door lock that requires a phone or fob to operate. Or you can choose a smart door lock that requires a code or a biometric reading of your fingerprint. If your business has a large turnaround, a fingerprint scan may not be the most realistic option. A smart door lock with a code could work for your company, but keep in mind for safety reasons, you’ll want to change the code frequently and especially after any dismissals from the company.

Smart door locks need to be durable to handle the day-to-day traffic of your business. Before you install, you need to see what type of deadbolt it will work with since many aren’t compatible with a double cylinder type. The surface should be durable too, especially if you’re using a fingerprint sensor or code reader type. The oils from the fingers can break down surfaces over time.

Complications Arise

Smart door locks can have their own set of unique problems. For one, software problems can occur and cause them to malfunction. In 2017, the smart lock provider LockState had to recall their locks due to software issues that occurred during an update. Since this was a recommended vendor through Airbnb, this became problematic, as property owners could no longer remotely control access to their properties.

Another issue to consider is how user friendly a smart door lock can be for your business. In many cases, it will take longer to open an application on a phone to control a lock rather than simply insert a key. Some smart locks detect the phone’s presence and unlock automatically, but they have been shown to work inconsistently.

Can Smart Locks Be Hacked?

During the 2016 Def Con, a hacker-themed convention, presenters focused on the safety of smart locks. Can they be hacked? Could someone come along and enter your building unlawfully by hacking into the system.? The following vulnerabilities were found during testing done by the security firm Merculite Security:

  • Plain text password access
  • Replay attack
  • Fuzzing
  • Spoofing devices

The security firm didn’t spend over $100 on the tools needed to hack a Bluetooth smart lock. Out of the Bluetooth locks they tested from manufacturers such as Quicklock, Mesh Motion, Kwikset, and iBluLock, 75 percent had significant vulnerabilities. These statistics are important to keep in mind if you have valuables stored at your business. You’ll want to use multiple security devices to ensure your business remains safe. Smart door locks don’t offer enough protection to keep out burglars. Monitored security devices will give you peace of mind when you leave your place of business.

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