Every generation of security systems gets smarter and smarter. The alarm security systems are now almost all a part of an automation system, whether it is by app or laptop. People that work and travel benefit the most because they feel in control of their own home’s security.


Experience Experts

Different features make for an excellent smart home alarm system for different people. Though, as unique as everyone home is, the same characteristics still apply for consideration.

  • Customer service experience – Many would assume high-quality equipment tops the lists of features. But, what is better than trained customer service that is cheerful and prepared to answer questions.
  • Affordability –  A family budget is one of the top priorities for any household.  Quality is important, but so is the price. Always research for the second opinion on the cost of equipment and services.
  • Features – Everyday trends change in smart home alarm systems. Added features may accommodate some while others do not require the bells and whistles.
  • Equipment – Wireless, wired, digital, analog and the list goes on when speaking of smart home alarm systems.  The equipment bought is the first point of contact and the most important.

Frontpoint Smart Home System

The Frontpoint is known for their professional, warm customer service. And, their equipment is not half bad, either. The trained professionals readily answer any issues found in a Frontpoint smart home alarm system.

Frontpoint sells and customizes equipment made by them.

Vivant Smart Home System

Vivant’s use of continually evolving technology makes them high on the list of home alarm systems. If a homeowner is striving towards eco-friendly automation, Vivant has a lot to offer.

Vivant also makes and distributes their own equipment. Vivant is known for overall automation. By making their own equipment, it ensures that a home’s automation works at its optimal level.

Link Interactive Smart Home System

Link Interactive is an easy DIY setup because of their do-it-yourself packaging. The alarm system is also Z-wave technology capable for homes that are working towards full automation.

Link believes in the consumer getting only the equipment they want. No pressure is applied to purchase features that will go unused. It is why they create their own security systems using the most up to date technology.

SimpliSafe Smart Home System

SimpliSafe is easily installed and does not require a contract. The downside to SimpliSafe’s security system is the lack of compatibility with other automation.

SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Bravo is an example of a SimpliSafe smart home alarm systems.  They abide by their name making top-notch smart home alarm systems that arrive with a starter kit, to make the installation of a smart home alarm system as simple as possible.

  • 24/7 professional monitoring available
  • Emergency services notified instantly
  • No contracts
  • No additional tools required
  • Emergency power in case of a power outage
  • Compatible with Alexa


Nest Smart Home System

The Nest company tops every list with their automation systems. Smart home alarm security systems are no different. Equipment that Nest produces is the latest in all forms of technology. From automation to infrared night vision, they are on to top of their security game.

The NestCam Outdoor HD Security Surveillance Camera w/ 2 Way Audio is a perfect example of Nest’s technology. The features and future of NestCams seem brighter than the crisp images their cameras deliver.

  • 24 hours a day/seven days a week live video
  • Intelligently detects activity that sends alerts to smart devices and emails with clarity
  • Weatherproof camera and equipment
  • Built-in speaker and microphone for two way audio using smart device apps

Protect America

What makes the best home security system comes down to the experience that a home security company provides. A good company will show genuine interest in providing you with a solution that fits your needs. This means it won’t try to up-sell you on unnecessary equipment, pressure you into spending beyond your budget, or hit you with hidden costs, policies, or other unwanted surprises after you’ve signed a contract. It should simply give you peace of mind.

Companies like Protect America provides free quotes, free installation, and 24/7 monitoring service. They price match guarantees a homeowner does not get fleeced by expensive services that do not provide professional assistance from assembly to activation.