Having a great smart home is more than a bunch of useful gadgets. The best smart homes have a well thought out combination of features. Said features can take complex or tedious tasks and chain them together during expected scenarios. An example might be to activate an outdoor camera when motion is detected. Once the camera is activated, it then sends an alert to your phone notifying you that you have visitors.

It is important to remember that most smart home gadgets have proprietary software. Fortunately, due to smart hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google home are able to connect to 3rd party software. This allows you to chain them together inside these complex commands.

Obviously, if you are planning on utilizing IFTTT with your smart home devices then you’re going to want to use a mobile app that can handle it and won’t give you a headache. The best smart home apps will have things called “scenes” which allow you to activate multiple features for different situations. Like if you have an Echo and you tell it “Alexa, it’s party time” and program that command to turn on all the lights and plays disco music. So what are the best smart home apps?

Samsung SmartThings App

The goal of SmartThings is to use your smartphone to control things around your home. They strived to make a framework that allows expending beyond Samsung products and connect any smart device that uses the same wireless protocol that they use. To this objective, Samsung became one of the leaders in the smart home industry and most manufacturers of smart home tech made sure that their products were compatible. Now days though, most of these gadgets are interchangeable and the SmartThings App is not your only option, but it’s still one of the best smart home apps out there.


The app itself is quiet powerful and comes in handy in a lot of different situations. An example might be having your AC turn off when a door is detected open. Another plus with this app is that if you’re forced to use a proprietary app for certain features of one of your gadgets, then SmartThings will pull that app into its own interface so that you won’t have to open a bunch of apps to activate or deactivate these features.

Gideon App

A newer kit on the block is the Gideon smart home app. This app is not made for or by a specific company but is made to support as many devices as possible. One of the best boons to this app is how well put together the UX is. It is also a very visually stunning app. Your main screen is going to have four different sections. You have your devices, your rooms, your custom groups and of course you have your tricks. All of this will be represented in tiles which some users find annoying. However, the tiles make it easier to use. This app flows better than any app out there and supports a huge variety of products. It also has location-based automation and cross-platform support.

Stringify – Smart Home and IoT

Stringify aims to compete directly with the IFTTT platform. It is by far the most powerful when it comes to automation control. The Stringify name stems from its ability to string commands together with a visual line between the selected automation tasks. It is similar to the word game in school where you have to draw a line between two related words. Stringify is a prime choice if you plan on achieving advanced automation and chaining tasks together in unusual ways. It’s not the most visually stunning app, but it makes up for it in pure potential.


Home Security Automation

With smart home technology, the most important factor is having Z-Wave wireless technology. That’s why better security companies like Protect America have Z-Wave compatibility and allow you to connect your home security to your automation tasks. Having a well-protected home is a smarter home. Get a free quote with Protect America today!