What is a smart home if not an assortment of technology designed to make life easier and solve problems around the house. Often smart home solutions will solve problems around your home that you didn’t even know existed. An obscure example of this might be using smart home sleep tracking technology to identify sleep disturbances that have been causing fatigue during your daily routine.

There are plenty of other issues that smart home technology has solved. In this blog I will go over easy to install smart home devices that will solve essential issues and make life easier and safer.

Solution 1: Door and Window Alarms

If you have teenagers in your home then you probably have experience with them sneaking out late at night. Most kids are going to sneak out at night at some point and I personally would rather be aware that they left the house during rather than find out the next morning after their late night shenanigans. Or maybe you have dangerous materials or firearms stored in specific rooms that you want to keep safely tucked away. Locks don’t always do the trick and with the right motivation, keys can disappear, so with sensors around the house at least you will always know what’s going on.

Thanks to the innovations of wireless technology, you can have door and window sensors around your house that are battery powered and communicate wirelessly. Many of these devices are connected to a mobile app that will conveniently alert you when one of the sensors has been triggered. While door and window sensors are the foundation for most security systems, they are also very handy with home automation tasks. You might have your front door sensors trigger lights to come on or go off when the front door is opened.

Solution 2: Smart Locks

Out of all of the smart home devices that have come out lately, smart locks have had the biggest impact on my life. I work pretty late hours, so before installing an August lock on my front door I constantly struggled with opening the front door in the dark. Smart locks solve a lot more issues than just opening your door at night however. In fact, smart locks have pretty much revolutionized the vacation home rental industry as now temporary access codes can be assigned to guests and home maintenance service personnel.

There are a few different styles of smart lock, but personally I prefer to have the ability to unlock my doors remotely from my phone when I need to and I don’t really have much use for a keypad. Some think that this is an unnecessary security risk, but fortunately August gives you the option to disable this feature in case an exploit pops up on the internet.

Solution 3: Video Doorbell

If you’re anything like me then door-to-door salesman at the door is one of the most annoying things you have to deal with at home. Have you ever had the doorbell ring while you were in the shower and then after scrambling to get dressed and answer you door you find that the visitor is just trying to sell you a booklet of coupons? Video doorbells aim to solve this issue and other issues that deal with people at the door.

Another thing that might be a little more subtle is when burglars ring your doorbell to case your home and see if anyone is home. The beauty of video doorbells is that you can communicate with someone at your door even while you are not home, so they won’t know whether or not it’s safe to enter.

Solution 4: Smart Flood Sensors

If you have ever had a pipe burst or a water heater leak in your basement, then you know how expensive it can be to repair all of the damage. The idea behind smart flood sensors is to alert you on your phone any time your sensor detects any water, giving you an early enough warning to avoid expensive damages.

Just like most smart home devices, these water sensors are fairly inexpensive and are virtually effortless to install.

There are many other smart home devices aimed to make your life easier, but for the most part, these devices are more luxuries than necessities. They have devices that will brew you a cup of coffee when you wake up, smart thermostats that will save you money in the long run, and even smart sleep monitors that will have you feeling more awake during your day.


The smart devices listed about are more of what I would consider necessary add-ons for any home and solve multiple problems with one simple to install device. If you are looking to connect these devices all to work hub and protect your home with professional monitoring, you can get all of it shipped directly to your door with Protect America. They offer full service home security with absolutely no installation fees, locked-in rates, and a price match guarantee. Find a better deal? They’ll match it. Get a free quote with Protect America here.