In 2014, Apple Inc. developed the HomeKit smart home platform a move that was done in pure Apple style; in other words, the company produced a biased system. At the time, the system was tailored for Apple devices such as the Apple Box, iPhone, and iPad acknowledging these devices had hub-like peculiarities that would enable them relay signals to a decentralized connection. This was Apple in its comfort zone as it was eerily reminiscent of the company’s smart devices only using apps in the Apple store while every app developer was based on Android technology. Well, the HomeKit initially received poor reviews; subsequently, most homeowners were advised to avoid using the platform in case they wanted to cap their costs, reduce clutter, and enjoy a variety of smart home services. Well, Apple has gone easy over its licensing issue and this has opened up doors for a variety of subsequently lighting options as presented as well as Apple home security .


Philips Hue Starter Kit

The Philips Hue smart bulb can be considered ‘the daddy’ of all smart lights. Phillips was the first to come on board the HomeKit bandwagon when they added an Apple authentication chip in their products. The Hue Starter Kit comes with a hub and three colored screw-fit bulbs. The product allows users to use the Siri voice command app, particularly when you would like to switch the light on or off, dim them to specific brightness, as well as set up a pre-set scene.

Koogeek LB1 Smart Light Bulb

Unlike the Philips Hue Starter Kit which comes with a hub, the Koogeek LB1 Smart Light Bulb comes with its own independent inbuilt authentication chip that allows you to easily iPhone or iPad. Initially, the Koogeek came with a slight tint that allowed its users to turn it on and off as well as dim the brightness. Nevertheless, the LB1 comes with a color spectrum of 21,000 shades of colors. Additionally, the light can be controlled by using Siri.

LIFX Smart Bulb

As mentioned earlier Apple Inc. development of HomeKit locked out a large number of smart house accessories one of which was LIFX Smart Bulb. Well, unlike Phillips Hue kit, LIFX were not too eager to jump on the HomeKit compatibility bandwagon (these guys at LIFX are no pushovers). LIFX reasons not quickly seek for Apple’s license was considerable logical considering the more compatible a platform is to a variety of accessories the more attractive it is. Well the waiting game is over and LIFX currently has smart bulb that is available for HomeKit. The LIFX Smart Bulb does not need a hub as it autonomously connects to the home Wi-Fi system. These smart bulbs have a 20,000 color spectrum and when it comes to the Lifx Plus Wi-Fi Smart Bulb there is an add-on night vision that aids night vision cameras in view quality an increasing range in the dark a recommended feature as advised by the security gurus at Protect America.


Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit

Well, Philips Hue Starter Kit might be ‘the daddy’ of smart lights, but the Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit is by a distance ‘the game changer’. These smart lights are made of panels that can be stuck on the wall or the ceiling. The application used for the Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit allows each pallet to be controlled individually thus pes giving its users the chance to create their own designs. Additionally, the Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit has a provision that enables the user to add extra pallets to improve the smart lighting experience. Since the beginning of 2018, the developers of Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit have been perfecting on the Siri voice command options subsequently improving the user’s experience.