The bedroom isn’t just another room in the home — it’s the room that you likely spend the most amount of time in throughout the year. Granted, you’re asleep for most of it, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Smart lighting is one way to send a signal to your body that you care about its well-being. That may sound a little too kumbaya for you, but it’s true! Plus, while it’s not quite as self-indulgent, smart lighting can reduce the amount of energy you use. See how you can set just the right ambiance and maybe save some money on your utility bills at the same time!

Waking You Up

How would it feel to be lured awake with something a little more gentle than an alarm clock screeching in your ear every morning? Smart lighting gives you a chance to hook your alarm clock up to your lights so that you can wake up to a little bit of sun no matter how gloomy it is outside! While it can’t eliminate the alarm clock completely, it may make it easier to wake up on the right side of the bed for a change.

Setting the Mood

No matter what kind of mood you happen to be in, smart lighting gives you a chance to pick the perfect hue for you. Whether you’re trying to pump yourself up for a big job interview or cool yourself down after a day spent in horrendous traffic, you’ll have a chance to choose from a variety of different shades. And if you happen to have a date coming by, you’ll be able to impress your lucky guest with a little extra magic at the touch on your smartphone.

Opening Up the Room

Most people don’t stop to consider the bottom corners of the bedroom, but this may be the time to start. Highlighting the lowest areas of the room is a rather easy visual trick that you can try to make a room look bigger, cleaner, and of course, brighter. Smart lighting gives you the opportunity to work from the bottom-up when it comes to the source. Opting for this route will also change the look and feel of the walls too. How’s that for getting more bang for your buck?

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Improve Your Savings

If you happen to have a flat-panel television in your room, then you can use smart lighting strips behind the appliance to give it a bit of a glow, even when it’s off. It can even serve as a way to bring some additional visibility into the room in the middle of the night when you realize that what you really need is a midnight snack. But smart lighting can save you in more ways than one. Having that kind of control over how much power you use is an excellent way to knock a few bucks off of your utility bills. Energy-efficient lights can knock your power bills down while saving your body and brain from a harsh glow.

Smart lighting isn’t just a way to make your room look cooler, it can also be a safety measure. Slips, bangs, and falls are common, and while most of the time they aren’t serious, that doesn’t mean that homeowners shouldn’t take precautions. If you’re looking for additional safety in your home, consider calling Protect America today for a free quote. We have the equipment and the know-how to keep the rest of your home as safe (and efficient) as even the most advanced smart lighting system.