The best security system is the one a homeowner doesn’t have to think about. But there are ways to set things up first that can take more time and attention. One of those is through an Arduino, which takes initial effort but can be a great choice overall. For homeowners who are tech savvy and who like to work on a lot of interesting projects — along with those who have the time — creating things with an Arduino can be a very rewarding way of getting smart technology for use in the home.

It’s important to understand the limitations, though, because Arduinos can’t do everything. Since they are software and code that can be adjusted to suit a homeowner’s needs, they are only as good as the original creation and the adjustments that are made. They are popular for security systems, but also for individual components of those systems such as smart lighting. There are a number of projects in the smart lighting field that can be handled with an Arduino, making these projects good choices for homeowners interested in creating their own tech.

Getting an Arduino to Interact With Smart Lighting

When it comes to smart lighting, there are several projects that a homeowner can try. Some of these are easier than others, and some are for more advanced users who have a lot more experience with how to handle an Arduino the correct way. Three of these projects include:

  • Turning a light on and off based on exterior light levels (dusk to dawn sensor using a photocell)
  • Turning a light on and off based on motion (motion detector using an IR sensor)
  • Turning a light on and off through a web-powered option for a light switch (remote control)

There are also many other things that can be done when it comes to using an Arduino for smart lighting, so it’s important for a homeowner to take a careful look at all of the things they might want to do with their lighting project. Then they can work on one component at a time, with the idea of integration always there to help them create things the right way.

What All Can an Arduino Offer to Homeowners?

With the right security system, an Arduino can help homeowners build a strong, safe space in their home. Not everyone wants to use an Arduino this way, but a lot of homeowners find that they like the peace of mind they receive from having a hand in creating the security system they really want and need. It’s not for everyone, but it can be the right choice for many.

Using an Arduino means getting a security system that’s tailored for a particular homeowner. That can give them a much better feeling about what they have protecting them.


For homeowners who are good at being tech savvy and who like to learn new things, an Arduino may be just what they were looking for to make their security system perfect for their home and their needs.

Is a Standard Security Company a Better Option?

Some homeowners won’t be comfortable using an Arduino to work with their smart lighting or other components of their security system. That makes sense for them, and it’s one of the things that any homeowner will want to carefully consider. If the lighting projects and other options aren’t something a homeowner wants to tackle, then selecting a company for their monitored home security needs will be the next step for them to take.

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