Keeping your loved ones safe and your belongings properly secured at all times are two of the most important challenges to face in life. While there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries in the United States each year, installing your own home security system has the ability to deter burglars and vandals by up to 66%.


The Rise of Mobile Apps

Did you know that approximately 95% of all Americans now own a cell phone?

The rise of mobile applications is no surprise, especially with the affordability of smartphones on the market. Home security is no longer limited to traditional setups using landlines and traditional telephone poles. Homeowners are now able to access their home’s security system with a simple touch of a button using a smartphone app designed for specific home security services.

Home security applications provide you with easily accessible user interfaces and quick methods to update and change settings in your home security system from anywhere. Choose which camera or piece of security equipment you want to monitor and immediately view a live video feed in real time. Use home security apps to implement push notifications so you always remain in the loop of what is happening around your property, even if you are traveling across the world on another continent.

By 2020, it is likely that home security systems accessible by using a smartphone app will become commonplace. Using traditional home security systems without any way to monitor happenings on your own is becoming obsolete with advanced technology available in the palm of your hands.

360 Degree Camera Capabilities

When home security systems were originally introduced to the US, they offered limited capabilities and features with poor image and sound-recording quality. Home security cameras and equipment have drastically evolved, allowing for 360-degree rotations, zoom, night vision, and even automatic storage of videos and photos onto the cloud.

Keep burglars and criminals away from marking your home as a target with 360-degree security cameras with motion-detection tracking abilities. Burglars fear being recorded or caught, which is why 360-degree cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

Installing a 360-degree home security camera is not only a way to view all areas of your property on a whim, but it is extremely beneficial to implement motion tracking for passersby and potential burglars sneaking up to your home. With advanced technology and 360-degree cameras, feel comfortable at your home even if there are areas outside that are not visible from all areas.


Remote Access From Anywhere in the World

One of the most appealing aspects of new home security systems and providers is the ability to access your security cameras remotely from just about any location with internet access. Remote access to your home’s security system provides you with the ability to keep an eye on your home whether you are traveling on-the-go or if you are out at work later than usual.

Receive automatic alerts directly to your smartphone and email anytime an alarm is triggered or whenever a motion detector is activated by potential burglars, neighbors, or unfamiliar passersby. Choose how to receive push notifications and completely customize how your home security system communicates with you and other members of your household.

Remote access to home security systems is one of the best features available to drastically increase your protection and safety. With remote access, review, save, download, and store videos and photos captured by your cameras to help with identifying potential criminal activities.

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