As technology grows it is no surprise that old paradigms are improved upon. Whether the discussion centers around improvements in home security thanks to Z-wave technology or simply an update to thermostats used in businesses around the country, there is always something changing. Today, we will focus on smart thermostats in the office and how they can improve businesses everywhere. These smart thermostats have been sorted into three different categories.


Z-Wave Smart Thermostat

Today’s discussion will begin with that of the Z-Wave smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are simple products, ostensibly, in that they provide the perfect way to take control of an office environment. Smart thermostats can be programed to behave in specific ways so as to maximize their efficiency. With smart thermostats being such a simple subject, why consider a Z-Wave device for the job?
Z-Wave operates on an RF band that is optimized because it leaps from Z-Wave device to Z-Wave device.

While Z-Wave technology is used primarily in home security and home automation, businesses can take advantage of the new technology to enhance their environmental controls at the office. Here are the benefits of a Z-Wave smart thermostat.

    • Z-Wave Protocol – The newest method for wireless communication. Z-Wave hubs can optimize over 200 nodes at a single time with each device being considered a node. Consider a large office with multiple devices and thermostats.
    • Interoperability – As pointed out above, Z-Wave devices can easily be optimized for use with a variety of different pieces of equipment. Z-Wave can help to interface the smart thermostat with devices all throughout the office in a wireless fashion.
    • Efficiency – Finally, Z-Wave tech will run into fewer interference issues in comparison to Bluetooth and WiFi options thanks to the separate band that the product operates on.

Bluetooth Smart Thermostat

Bluetooth is the veteran in the world of wireless communication and for good reason. Bluetooth was first invented in 1997 and since then the technology has flooded the technological world. Bluetooth thermostats can be handy due to how compatible they are with most common phones and internet-connected devices. However, Bluetooth has range issues and it also runs into interference problems that just aren’t there with the WiFi and Z-Wave options listed above and below.


WiFi Smart Thermostat

Finally, WiFi smart thermostats can be the perfect choice for the home or business. WiFi smart thermostats are incredibly easy to operate and install and they are routinely pretty affordable. The problem with a WiFi smart thermostat is that they are not as secure or efficient as the other options on our list.

The continued evolution of Z-Wave technology is opening the doors to many different kinds of technological innovations. Many companies are embracing Z-Wave not only for home automation, such as the smart thermostats listed above but also for complete home security. Homeowners looking to secure their home with a simple, effective, and affordable Z-Wave security system should reach out to Protect America today for a free quote or consultation.