The smart thermostat is a clever jump in the arena of technology and automation. Every year new models are released, and the options feel like an overwhelming grocery store with too many choices for cuts of steak.  Smart thermostats that automate your heat pump are numerous, but quality always beats quantity.

Optimal Options

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat 3.0 makes nearly every list regarding the best automation you can find. Controlling your heat pump is only one benefit to the newest Nest model. It learns your routine and saves energy by remotely by using a smartphone app that allows for an away mode. It is convenient when your schedule changes or something unexpected arises.
  • Honeywell is much like Nest and every year they improve on already exciting technology. The Honeywell Evohome is the newest addition to an evolving line of smart thermostats. Eventually, they will make one that is smarter than we are. Or have they already? The Evohome keeps your heat pump up to date as to when you will be home and when you will not be. Easy to use smartphone applications gives you that much more control of your appliances.
  • Ecobee may not be as well known as Nest or Honeywell, but their newest model not only assists in controlling your heat pump, it helps you out in a variety of ways. The Ecobee3 allows you to connect to it through Wi-fi so that it knows when you are home and when you are not. The energy efficiency appeals to those who wish to go green or save their green.

A large part of your utility expenses goes toward heating and cooling costs.

  • Many people consider the Bosch BCC100 Thermostatto be a mid-ranged smart thermostat. However, it has one of the better touch screens as well works with Alexa. The price range does not break the bank, either. The easy setup features make it an excellent choice for those that are not technology savvy.

Particular Perks

Alexa-capable smart thermostats are what is popular in the 2018 rollout of new models.  And, each year a new appliance is added to their functionality. People who appreciate new technology updates their models regularly, if not yearly. The step-by-step may not always be easy, but people are willing to help.

For instance, many smart thermostats have gone so far as smartphone apps that allow you to change your home’s temperature room by room even if you are half a world away. Most models are even voice-activated, making it more a helpful friend than another appliance.

Automation is the way of the future. The irony is, people likely did not see smart thermostats being one of the first home comforts that reached the climax in the area of automation. The update to your home heating and cooling system also ranges in price and has whatever bells and whistles you need for your home.

Curious Queries

  • Do you already have automation that works well together?
  • How many automation devices you have?
  • Is there such a thing as too much automation?
  • How much automation do you really want versus what you need?
  • How big or small is your house?

We at Protect America pride ourselves in the ability to help you answer these questions as well as walk you through the installation of your smart thermostat. We have helped customers for 25 years and are looking forward to assisting you for another 25 years.