The flow of smart thermostats in the market makes us all question whether we are willing to research to find the best option. The price range spectrum is overwhelming. The technology moves at warp speed!

Even Air Flow and Radiator Valves

Everyone talks about how smart thermostats are energy efficient and will save you money in long run. The market is so overcrowded with brands of smart thermostats, but there are very few options for controlling radiator valves. Fortunately, with a little digging, finding the perfect smart thermostat solution for controlling house radiators isn’t too difficult.

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    There are some really good options that are compatible with older home technology.

    Smart Valves You’ll Love

    Smart thermostat companies are scrambling to make add-ons that work with older homes. We took a look at the latest smart valves for house radiators and found out witch ones make the cut.

    Nest Energenie

    The Nest Energenie is an complete home radiator solution. It’s made to be installed on multiple radiators throughout your home so that you can take control of each room independently. It can adjust to your comfort preferences and responds to your Home and Away status. These smart valves combine with the Nest thermostat seamlessly and lower your heating bill.

    Danfoss Eco™

    The Danfoss smart radiator valve can save up to 30% in heating costs. It has scheduling and can be controlled from anywhere in the house using Bluetooth. It’s easy to install and runs at under 30 dB. If you want you can even turn it and adjust the radiator temperature manually.

    Heat Genius

    One of the most fundamental-looking smart thermostat is the Heat Genius. If you are concerned about your house radiator and smart technology, the Heat Genius addresses them directly. The sensors know when you walk in and out of rooms and eventually recalls your routine, so you are not left chilly in the comfort of your home.

    Bonus: Novo Smart Radiator Valve

    The Novo smart radiator thermostat can pretty much communicate with anything. It can also respond to weather in advance by looking at the forecast and automatically optimize for your comfort. The Novo also has an economy mode, timers, scheduling, and remote control. The Nova works with Nova AI and cloud, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. You can pre-order the Novo on their Kickstarter.

    Changing as the Climate Changes

    Overall, experts say that the basic funding mechanism for utilities needs to change, so they have financial incentives to enable adoption of new technologies and encourage customer energy efficiency.


    The year of 2018 has proven to be the year of updated automation. Your radiator is not left out in the cold with the new features and tech-savvy covering your entire heating and cooling system. Phone apps now work as a remote controller in every sense when it comes to smart thermostats.  They memorize schedules and preferences and are willing to change their behavior if yours changes. Don’t you wish everything was as easy to adjust to?

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    Most smart thermostats are compatible with older heating technology. It’s all about  The comparison may open up a door you never expected.