Homeowners today are becoming increasingly interested in everything that technology can do for them. With smart thermostats, for example, they can control the temperature in their home even when they’re away. With the best security system, they can feel safe and protected. There are hands-free options for all kinds of things today, refrigerators that have displays on the outside, and voice-controlled options to adjust lighting and other features. But through all of this development, not that many companies made a smart thermostat that could control a humidifier.

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    Fortunately, those days are coming to an end — many more companies are starting to make this an option, because homeowners keep requesting it. Companies that want to be successful have to keep up with the times, and this feature is one of those things that more people want. Having a humidifier can make a house feel a lot better, but there’s no point in getting a smart thermostat if it won’t control the humidifier, too.

    Controlling a Humidifier Makes a House More Comfortable

    Homeowners want to be comfortable in their houses. That just makes sense. It’s important for people to feel good about where they live, and not to worry about the temperature. It should be a nice, cozy place. One of the problems that homeowners face, especially in desert climates or in the wintertime, is dry air in the house. This can cause:

    • static shocks when touching objects
    • stuffy noses and even nose bleeds
    • dry skin and dry eyes
    • sneezing and extra dust in the air
    • trouble sleeping

    But a humidifier — and a smart thermostat that can control it — can eliminate a lot of the problem. The extra moisture in the air will reduce issues, and the house will feel much more comfortable to live in. People who live in dry climates may use their humidifier all year round, while people who live in wetter climates may only want the humidifier on through the winter months, when running a furnace or other heat source tends to dry out the air in the home. No matter what a homeowner chooses, those, having the right control is very important.

    Using a Humidifier With a Smart Thermostat

    With the right security system, smart thermostat, humidifier, and voice-controlled devices, a homeowner can truly have a smart home. For a good smart thermostat that will work with a humidifier, they should look for:

    • Ecobee3
    • Nest
    • AprilAire

    All of these options can be set up to control a humidifier, and that way any homeowner can get peace of mind, comfort, and a great system of interlinking options for their smart home goals.

    Homeowners who are dedicated to having a smart home should focus on more than just a security system. While that’s generally the backbone of their design, there’s much more to the story than just security.

    Depending on what’s already installed in a house it may be very easy to turn it into a smart home, or it may be more difficult. Dedicated homeowners will certainly find a way to make it work.

    A Security Company Should Have Smart Thermostat Options

    Many monitored home security companies understand the importance of having a truly smart home. They may work with other companies that provide smart thermostats, so a homeowner can get everything they need in one place. If that’s not the case, checking with another company may be in order. There are some devices that just aren’t compatible, so it’s far better to take the time to find the ones that will all work together properly.

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