Having a smart thermostat is one of the best ways for homeowners to get more control over the comfort they have in their home. In a lot of cases, these thermostats are tied to home automation and security systems that do a lot more than just handle the temperature. It’s a great way to keep a homeowner interested in the latest technology, and to automate a home to make it easier for the homeowner to use it the way they would like to. It’s also another way to add to the security system, and to include convenience and comfort along with a higher level of safety.

But it’s vital to get a smart thermostat that’s going to be compatible and easy to integrate — otherwise it can be just one more frustrating piece of technology that doesn’t work with anything else. The goal of an ideal smart home is to have a central hub that works and controls everything. That’s not always easy to do, but it’s getting close to reality for more homeowners. Finding the right smart thermostat is one of the ways to move toward a level of integration that a homeowner may not have previously experienced.

How Homeowners Can Use IFTTT to Their Advantage

It’s possible for a homeowner to do a lot with IFTTT. They can use it for their thermostats, to turn lights on and off, and to control door locks, among other things. But if they aren’t careful they could end up with technological advances that won’t “play nice” with one another — and then they don’t get the level of control they’re looking for.

With any good smart home, the goal is getting everything working in tune. By using IFTTT and sticking to devices that are compatible with that and can be controlled by it, a homeowner will be able to use that technology to their advantage.

It’s not always easy to see what they need all the time, or to find IFTTT compatible devices that work with everything they already have — but homeowners shouldn’t give up. Being diligent about what they find can help any homeowner add value to their home automation.

What to Look for in the Best Smart Thermostats

Getting the right smart thermostat matters. Many of them on the market today are good choices, but they don’t always work with everything else that’s available. There are three main options for a great smart thermostat that can integrate with IFTTT. These are:

  • Honeywell
  • Ecobee
  • Nest Learning

With the right system in place, any of these thermostats can be a great choice. They’ll work with IFTTT, and with other devices that the homeowner has already installed. That’s a step toward true integration, and can help move a homeowner toward a more automated home than they were expecting to have. Technology has come a long way with these devices in a short period of time.

Working With the Right Security Company Matters

Most people who have automated homes also have home security systems as a part of that automation. That’s an important way to get peace of mind, but only if the right company is used. A homeowner should look for 24/7 monitoring and good quality equipment, along with a positive customer service experience and a company that is dedicated to things like automation and integration. The more a homeowner is able to integrate devices with their security company, the higher the level of peace of mind they’ll have. That’s something that’s very valuable, and that money just can’t buy.

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