There are a number of products/manufacturers that feature geofencing features on their smart thermostat control panels. This article highlights a few of the main ones as defined by professionals as the top in their categories for smart home technology and smart thermostat devices with geofencing features on the panel. Protect America has served customers with home technology, security and other services for more than two decades. Speak with an expert about the following products as they relate to smart home energy and efficiency.


Smart Thermostat Manufacturers with Geofencing Capabilities

The main providers of this technology are juggernauts in the smart thermostat and home energy components market. Two of these companies are new to the game but have made big waves, while the other is more established and offers a wider range of general products that are budget friendly. Here are the manufacturers:

  • Nest
  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell

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Ecobee is a modern smart thermostat manufacturer that provides a panel with geofencing. It currently works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Logitech, Wink and IFTTT. Reviews rate as a top performer in the market for smart thermostats that feature geofencing. The Ecobee 3 and 4 are both recommended by many users and professionals in this industry for its robust set of features.


The Nest line of products has become a popular seller and also top rated among reviews and analysis of features. Finding the best thermostat is tough but Nest has been winning many customers over the past few years with their learning thermostat that gets to know your preferences and creates a custom schedule. Get efficiency with this panel that also features geofencing technology.


While there are many more budget friendly panels made by this pioneer in the thermostat industry, the Lyric products are those that feature the sought after geofencing capability that you are looking for in smart home tech. The Lyric T5  has been recommended by many users and many installers find them to be useful when it comes to their geofencing features and capabilities. Plus, Honeywell is a pioneer in creating products that last a long time and have great warranty options.

All of these products are designed with efficiency and connectedness in mind as part of their core design and appeal to home and business owners. Contact a professional installation and product expert on the phone from Protect America today to find the most suitable solution for your particular situation. They can help guide and assist you in finding the right product based on your budget, preferences and features that you might have in mind. Smart home products are getting better and better and Protect America watches and gets to know and understand all of the nuances of this technology to provide the best solutions for you.

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