Many of today’s security systems are made to integrate with smart phones. This can be cool, but it can also disguise inferior systems that won’t offer the protection you actually need. We are offering this guide to help you tell the difference and avoid purchasing mistakes.


Always Check the Details of How the System is Monitored

Some sellers of phone-integrated security systems will use the term “smartphone monitored” to describe their offerings. Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually mean that they’re selling systems that are monitored by a proper service. They mean that you monitor your own system by using your smart phone. The obvious problem with this is that you almost surely have other things to do too, so you won’t be watching all the time.

Good systems are monitored by security companies like Protect America, AND allow you to watch over your smart phone if you so choose. The monitoring service is a company that hires people to do only that, 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about missing something if you’re at work or otherwise occupied.

DIY Systems Don’t Always Offer All Needed Functionality

There is a huge range of capabilities when it comes to smartphone security systems. All include cameras, but they may not have any kind of alarm system for your windows or doors, may not include motion sensing capabilities, and might not activate for problems like fire or medical emergency. On top of that, some systems only include one or two cameras.

If all you want is the basic ability to watch a room, such as a nursery, a bare-bones system is all you need – but that is not a security system. It’s a baby monitor. When you want to increase your level of safety against intruders or fire, you need a system that is far more robust.

Look for a smartphone security system that lets you put alarms on every window, door, and other point of entry. It should also integrate with smoke alarms, and preferably, provide a way for those inside the house to intentionally trigger the system. This will give you the best protection against the most pressing household emergencies.

Some Systems are Hard to Set Up

It’s easy to assume that something that works with your smart phone will be easy to set up, but in many cases, this assumption is far from the reality. Getting the cameras to actually connect with your phone can be all but impossible, the corresponding app may crash, and any number of other technical difficulties may arise. If the system is meant to be accessible by your PC or Mac as well as your phone, you may have trouble getting those to connect as well.

Because of this, it’s important to check the reviews for each system you consider. Our option is highly rated for its easy setup and usability, and is truly made to be easy for you to get it working on your own. We also offer live support to make sure you aren’t hung up if you do encounter any trouble.

To Recap:

  • Many smartphone security systems have no outside monitoring
  • Some offer very limited functionality
  • Some systems are hard to get working
  • Protect America’s systems avoid all of these limitations

Get a Proper Smartphone Security System

Here at Protect America, we offer robust, full security systems that allow you to connect to them via our smartphone app. These are full-fledged systems, not gimmicky cameras-only “systems” that are just riding on the smartphone wave. Our systems are fully monitored, 24/7, by our service. They include door and window alarms, smoke detectors, and two-way communication capabilities via our cameras.

If you need real security, give us a call. We’ll be glad to give you a quote on our systems and monitoring services. We provide all of the help you need to get the security you need without frustration.