Samsung has become a more prominent player in the home security market with the release of their Smartthings 2.0 home security line of products. The system is receiving some good reviews, with the app considered the weakest part of the package. While others are well, not so good, but more on that later. The hub for this latest iteration has some new features and upgrades such as the UBS port and Bluetooth enable radio. The app allows for quite a lot of automation and alert-setting, although some users report that the interface is clunky and can be difficult to navigate.


SmartThings 2.0 Overview

This system comes in a system configuration that takes some of the guesswork about knowing what equipment you need to get. There is a single point of contact with an integrated router port, and the entire system, both security and automation, can be controlled from a single app. This is a great concept, however, the app is reported to be quite a nightmare. It is difficult to find exactly what you need, and there are issues with devices randomly disconnecting themselves from the overall system.

The surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and automation devices are all well-designed and work well, at least when your overall system is working well. It is too bad that Samsung is running into all of these issues as the system is well-designed and available at a reasonable price-point. With the speed that the home security industry is moving these days, we think that it will be difficult for the company to get back in the game anywhere the level of success that it once held.

In addition to devices disconnecting themselves, lights can turn on at unexplained moments, and alarms are triggered when there isn’t anything going on. These glitches have prompted users to completely disconnect their systems, which defeats the entire purpose of having a security system! We do not think that Samsung’s SmartThings system is a viable option until these kinks are worked out and corrected.

Limitations of the SmartThings Security System

A number of different reviewers have dropped SmartThings from their list of recommended products. Why, you may ask? Simply because it doesn’t work very well at all!

If you don’t mind all of your lights turning on at random intervals or being woken up by alarms at 4:30 in the morning, the SmartThings system should work just fine for you!

For the reasons stipulated above, we do not feel comfortable recommending this system, either. If you are looking for a full-service home security system that won’t keep you up at night, literally, take a look at the services available from ProtectAmerica.


Is a Full-Service System the Better Option?

We are of the opinion that if you are going to get a home security system, it makes sense to go with one that will do an effective job of protecting your family and belongings. In fact, 24/7 monitoring services make the most sense, especially when your system is looped into the local emergency services center. There is always free installation and equipment credits up to $1,400 are available. These systems provide complete protection and come with the knowledge of knowing that an experienced providing is taking care of your family’s safety and security needs.

ProtectAmerica has been providing home security for 25 years, and now has integrated home automation into their mix of services. If you are interested in learning more about this well-established company and how their services can work for you, call (800) 951-5190 or visit this link for a free quote.