Having a security system is generally a good idea for any homeowner, but there’s more to a system for protection and safety than just a keypad and some door and window sensors. Smoke detectors are now quickly becoming part of home automation and security systems, allowing them to work with Apple HomeKit and other types of automation platforms. There are only a handful of options offered, however, because a lot of these automation platforms are still relatively new. With Apple HomeKit compatibility, the two main options are Fibaro and First Alert.


Most people think of First Alert as making inexpensive detectors people can buy anywhere — and that’s largely true for a lot of their products. But they also focus on detectors that work with the HomeKit, because they see the market for that. More people are choosing these home automation options today, and they want everything in their home security system to be tied into a central hub. That includes smoke alarms and CO2 alarms, along with sensors that warn of intruders.

Smoke Detectors Are so Important in a Home

Whether a person has a home security system or not, they should always have smoke detectors. Even the battery powered options that aren’t connected to anything else can be enough to save lives. It’s important to maintain these detectors, as well as replacing them when they eventually come to the end of their useful life. That way a homeowner has a lot of peace of mind, and they know that they can trust their detectors to alert them to a potential problem.

Sometimes these detectors can be frustrating because they go off if someone burns dinner, but that’s a small price to pay for the safety that they offer.

They’ll be a strong means of protection for a number of years, and especially in older homes or during the night, they can add an extra layer of protection so homeowners can feel safe. That feeling of security is hard to put a price on, but it’s also something that can be bought at some level by having proper smoke detectors in any home.

What Apple HomeKit Can Offer to Homeowners

With an integrated home automation and security system, Apple HomeKit can be a wonderful addition to any house. Not only do people want to feel safe, but they also want to have comfort and convenience in their homes, as well. They can have a much better chance of getting that when they use HomeKit, as it works with smart thermostats, cameras, and other types of devices all throughout the house. In addition, there’s the option to add more devices into the system later, as companies continue to make more things that are going to work well with the HomeKit and related products. The market for these kinds of home automation options is only going to continue to expand.

The Integration of HomeKit and Smoke Alarms Can be Very Valuable

Integrating HomeKit and smoke alarms can be a better way to get another layer of protection for a homeowner. It may not be able to avoid or prevent everything that could go wrong, but it can certainly help homeowners feel better about their level of safety. This integration can mean:

  • more peace of mind for the homeowner
  • a quicker response time if there’s a problem
  • the opportunity to know about faults or issues with the smoke alarm
  • a lower reliance on battery-only devices
  • the value of a more automated house

No matter why a homeowner wants to integrate things, they’ll have the opportunity to tie more alarms and detectors into their hub with an Apple HomeKit and the right smoke detectors.

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