Many security systems have glass break sensors. Not everyone uses them, but they are an option in most cases. But do they work? How can a homeowner tell whether they are doing what they should be? When it comes to finding the right security company for a homeowner’s needs, they need to know they can rely on it — and that means that all of the sensors will work when they are needed. A homeowner can test their glass break sensors, in order to make sure they work the way they are supposed to. Of course, they don’t want to really break the glass, so there are noises they can use to simulate the breakage and see if the sensor responds appropriately.

Glass Break Sensors Can Protect Against Vandals

One of the best ways to protect against vandals and burglars is to have glass break sensors in a home. These will alert the homeowner if someone breaks a window, and they can also be used on the glass in a door.

With glass break sensors installed, there are fewer risks to a homeowner and they can have more peace of mind. That is not only good news for the homeowner, but also helps to lower insurance rates and protect property from harm.

But it’s very frustrating to have a sensor that may or may not work, and that hasn’t been tested. That’s why having the opportunity to make sure it works really matters to the peace of mind a homeowner may feel.

Why Should a Glass Break Sensor Be Tested?

There are options for good security companies that can test all the sensors when they install them. This can:

  • make sure the sensor works
  • give a homeowner peace of mind
  • fix any problems that may arise at that time
  • get the entire system up and running correctly

But what it can’t do is make sure the glass break sensor continues to operate the way it should. With that in mind, testing the sensor becomes very valuable. A high-pitched sound is needed. Think of what it sounds like when glass breaks. There is a tinkling sound, in most cases. This is the kind of noise a homeowner will want to replicate when they want to see if their glass break sensor is working the right way. If they don’t create the right kind of sound, they may think that their sensor isn’t working when it actually is. That can lead them to worrying about their security, calling their company, replacing their sensor, and more, when none of those things are needed.


Choosing the Right Sounds Makes a Difference

Every homeowner should make sure to choose the right sounds when it comes to testing their glass break sensors. They want to make sure the sounds register, and there are apps, websites, and videos that can be used in this way. They will provide a homeowner with the noise they need, so they can be sure that the glass break sensor works when it is supposed to. They also want to be sure that the sensor isn’t being triggered by noises that shouldn’t set it off, because that can lead them to thinking that there is a break-in when nothing is actually wrong. There is a careful balance between detecting the right noise and responding to other sounds.

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