Your Protect America home security is up and running smooth with no problems, and then you hit a strange bump in the road. The system says it has gone “offline,” and you’re confused what happened. Don’t worry, this is a common issue, we’ve got you covered.


Home security is meant to easy any worry and anxiety, so the last thing needed is for the system itself to cause problems. We’ll walk you through the troubleshooting process, and/or have Protect America personnel help you if necessary.

The system goes “offline” when the Panel is not communicating with the Touch Screen. The problem isn’t too difficult to resolve, but it will take some playing around with the unit, or contacting customer support. (But we’ll try to walk you through the process and make sure you can avoid contacting support.)

How is it Fixed?

First, you’ll need to start by figuring out how far the touch screen is from the control panel. It needs to be at least 3 feet away, but no more than 35 feet. Check for any interference, and if there is any, relocate the touch screen.

You can also follow this by performing an environmental check.

  • Is the internet router too close to the control panel?
  • Is the internet router too close to the sensors?
  • Are there any AC power lines behind the system panel?
  • Is there a cordless phone too close to the system panel?

If any of these interference issues exist, relocate the necessary equipment to avoid communication problems.

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    If you’re system is still responding to you with the “offline” reading, you can delete it out of programming and add the touch screen back in. This works by deleting the sensor from programming.

    How to remove the sensor from Simon XT model programming?

    1. Scroll to system programming
    2. 2. Press OK, type 1960, press OK
    3. Scroll to sensors, press OK
    4. Scroll to delete sensor, press OK

    If this approach didn’t work, you can perform an RF test from the touch screen to ensure that the control panel and screens are communicating properly, and that there is enough RF signal.

    Some Important Information 


    If the sensor is not deleted from programming, you will continue to experience an Offline Status and this could cause more issues.

    What if the Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work?

    If you’ve worked through the steps above and are still having trouble working through the issues on your system, it will likely be time to reach out to Protect America personnel directly. Our customer support team can make sure you’ve used all the proper steps and they will walk you through any new hardware or system repairs options that are available.

    Chat with our customer service team live here, or you can reach out via telephone.

    Our customer service team can also walk you through issues regarding a beeping system, failure-to-communicate, battery problems, time not set, sensor failure, low battery, AC power failures, and other issues that could potentially arise.