Implementing a quality home security strategy requires planning. Homeowners should know the vulnerabilities of their own homes and what type of crime is most likely to occur. While the Federal Bureau of Investigation offers comprehensive statistics, this information can be a little too general for planning the security of a specific home.

Fortunately, there are a few helpful and intuitive apps for the iPhone that makes researching crime in your neighborhood easier than ever before. These apps aren’t just helpful for home security planning. If you’re walking through a new part of town, really good crime statistics apps will inform you of which types of crimes are committed in your current location. Most even provide a listing of law enforcement agencies you can contact if there’s trouble. (Of course, you can usually, and should probably, call 911 in the event of a true emergency.) Mobile – A Map App for Prime Crime is one of the leaders in crime information. Every year, they provide thousands of businesses, agencies, and individuals with quality and relevant crime statistics. The company’s primary focus is providing law enforcement agencies with tools for informing the public about crime. You know those maps of crime statistics offered on the websites of a number of law enforcement agencies? That’s


As part of their effort to inform the public, has released a free app for the iPhone that quickly displays crime statistics in a given area. This app is really excellent for traveling or walking in unknown areas. Simply pull up your location and will tell you the crimes that occurred in your area recently. You can even find out how that area ranks compared to the national crime average. Users can also filter crimes to focus only on things related to home security, like burglary and vandalism.

Lethal – This App is Deadly

Lethal is an app for the iPhone and iTouch that goes beyond simple crime statistics to relay ALL the dangers surrounding you at any given moment. From crime to diseases to natural disasters, Lethal tracks any and all dangers that can endanger your life. Perhaps the most useful feature of Lethal is the “Lethal Index”, which aggregates crime, accident, wildlife, and disease statistics to give users a quick overview of dangers in the immediate area.

One noticeable drawback of Lethal is the relative lack of coverage area. The company behind Lethal touts the app’s comprehensive statistics covering 650 areas in the U.S. and Canada. However, many potential users will be left waiting for the day Lethal expands to their city or town. For anyone living in a major urban area, however, Lethal is a fun and informative app, even if it can be a little scary sometimes.

Crime Reports – App-solutely Crime Stat Tracking

Crime Reports is a website that quickly and easily relates crime statistics based on information from nearly 700 law enforcement agencies spread across all 50 U.S. states. The mobile version of Crime Reports works very similarly to the standard, online edition but geolocation features makes use a lot easier. No need to input addresses and this app can update your location in real time as you walk.

While many users may find this app useful, Crime Reports ultimately puts too much emphasis on attention grabbing crimes, like sexual offenses. Many homeowners and parents might be worried about sex offenders living near their homes but the presence of these individuals, for the most part, doesn’t actually lead to increases in crime. Other apps include more relevant crime information for home security planning.