Using security cameras in the home used to be seen as odd. Are they storing the crown jewels in there? But today, many homes have security cameras because of the ease of using them and the high level of security they provide. The price of security cameras has dropped drastically over the past decade, making this necessary security equipment affordable for a wide variety of budgets.


Wired Security Cameras

Many security cameras are wired, meaning simply that they are attached to a power source with wires. This makes them impractical for many areas in your home, as they must be near a power source and must be installed so that the wires are able to connect to one. They are also easy to disconnect, as the wire can simply be cut or pulled out. In addition, they can be a major hassle to install. Moving them from one place to another in your home may require an enormous amount of maneuvering and the use of mounting equipment to keep them near their power source. For this reason, thee cameras have not made it very practical to have this useful form of security in a home.

Wireless Security Cameras

One of the best technological advancements in home security is wireless technology. This has allowed for security cameras to be placed virtually anywhere without the need for complicated installation or the need to be close to a power source. These cameras have long battery lives, lasting for years at a time.  With wireless cameras, it’s easy to place them on a table facing any direction you like to keep an eye on your home. They can be installed outside the front door, in the living room, inside the doors and moved around as needed to provide you with the view of your home that you want.

Who’s in your house? You’re in your house- even if you aren’t physically present there.


Monitoring Your Home

With wireless cameras, you’ll get an HD view of your home sent right to your cell phone no matter where you are. They are a great part of a monitored security system that alerts both you and the authorities if there is a problem at home. Other great equipment to use in your home include:

  • Motion detectors
  • Intrusion detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Micro sensors for doors and windows
  • Control panels to arm and disarm the system

What good is being able to see an intruder if no one is called to get them out? With a monitored system, the authorities are called, even if you were away from your phone when someone broke in. Monitoring is one of the most important layers of security that your home can have. It’s what gives you real peace of mind when you’re away, asleep or simply want to ensure that your household is safe.

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