Automation is the current trend. But, do not assume all things can be automated. Do not let the fact make you frown, instead, weigh the pros and cons versus what you already have. The year 2018 will be remembered for progress regarding automation, but their shortcomings will be noted, also.

Breaking Down The Cons of Smart Lighting

Lightbulbs and lighting are one of the new additions to smart appliances. Each year, they are less buggy, and for every evolution, companies take to improve their product’s automation quality. But, the flaws are no less painful.

  • Lightbulbs are still trying to work out the bugs. For instance, GE Link syncs with an Amazon Echo or Alexa, but there are apparent glitches. Voice activation automation is a huge draw; however, when light bulbs blink or ignore your verbal requests, it can be disheartening after money and time spent finding the right fit.
  • Many bulbs and lighting systems that are automated come with chargers. The negative is if you lose the charger, you will find yourself stuck in the dark. Always check to see if your new automation is compatible with more than the charger bought with it.
  • Brands have not perfected the smart lightbulb quite yet. In some cases, smartphone applications are either not compatible or unreliable with their connection to your lighting system. Research and ratings become quite valuable.
  • Complaints that the variation in lighting between smart bulbs and regular light bulbs is significant. They simply have not gotten bright enough to shine as brightly.
  • If you enjoy your dimmer switch, most smart lighting setups have not evolved that far, yet.

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    Proving The Pros Of Smart Lighting

    • Cree is an example of a brand that has tested with positive results as a smart light bulb that lives up to the hype. The bulbs are Alexa compatible, making voice automation easy.
    • Many automated appliances you control through smartphone apps. LIFX is a lighting system that works without a hub. Instead, you can control your lights from across the country.
    • A lot of the automated light systems have color options. And not your typical white or yellow glow. We are talking about a rainbow of options you can choose through your hub or smartphone app.
    • Do you have a pet that is not fond of the dark? With most of the smart lighting systems, you can control the on and off switches from miles away and put your bet at ease with a single nightlight. You are not wasting energy to keep them calm while you are out and about.

    Surveying Smart Lighting

    Automation is the trend for the future. But, it does not mean that every aspect is intended for everyone. Energy efficiency should always be a draw. However, you will want to consider your need versus your want.

    But all of this technology is fun to play with. It’s like the modern equivalent of the Atari 2600 of my youth. — betanews

    IoT is one of the newest automation released to the market of continually evolving hubs and apps. Some models link with hubs; some do not. Other models are compatible with smartphones; others are not. The choices may seem overwhelming, but there are people more than willing to walk you through any questions you may have and the step-by-step installation of your smart lighting system.

    We at Protect America await your call.  Professional technicians are available to answer any and all questions about your new smart light system and walk you through how to set it up to suit your needs.