When it comes to outdoor motion sensor lighting, you’ve got a lot of options. Some offer higher degree motion, stronger lighting, or the power of two-headed bulbs. 

Where do you start when choosing which is best for your family? Pricing is always a variable, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Our list combines both motion sensor bulbs and home security stationary lights. Here are the best options for you and your family.


Keep in mind using a battery motion sensor light can save on installation time, but keep in mind that you will need to replace the batteries every now and then. The best type are usually solar motion detector lights. These are battery powered motion lights that are assisted with solar panels, which are motion lights that we would recommend.

1. RAB Super Stealth 360 Sensor

The RAB Super Stealth is extremely popular with everyone who uses it. These motion lights are dual-bulbed, senses 180 degrees out, and 360 degrees down. It features 1000 watts of lighting, 8 amps, and 120 volts. The circuits are also shielded for maximum radio frequency immunity. The sensitivity adjusts automatically to work according to hot or cold temperatures.

The RAB flood light is one of the more expensive options on the list, but if you have the funds and a large property, this is probably your best bet.

2. ChiChinLighting LED Light Bulbs

The ChiChinLighting option is a warm white, 300K LED Motion Sensor Light Bulb. This is a bulb itself, rather than an outdoor security fixture.

Customers who went with this bulb seem to enjoy it per online reviews. It turns on automatically and turns off after 60 seconds. It’s touted as the highest quality LED motion sensor bulb with 6 watts and powered by Samsung LED chip.

3. Mr. Beams Motion-Activated Wireless LED Spotlight

In our third spot we have another home security sensor light. This Mr. Beams option is an LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell. It’s weatherproof, battery operated with 140 lumens, and provides 350 square feet of coverage

This is a much cheaper option than the RAB Stealth, clocking in at only $20. For those looking for a high caliber option that is more reasonably priced than Stealth, we definitely recommend Mr. Beams. 

4. Mudder Infrared Motion Detection Sensor and Light

Our list so far has been alternating. Here we have the Mudder, a non-home security lighting fixture. This option features PIR motion detect and light sensors. It detects movements but only lights up when it is dark.

If it is activated by motion it will automatically turn on and last for 30 seconds, and the detecting range is four to six meters.

The product claims to be suitable for home security lighting, household corridor, balcony, toilet, underground parking lot, office and shop, et cetera. 

5. Frostfire LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Light

Frostfire’s product simply looks powerful— and the name is. This is an outdoor LED solar light. It’s waterproof and heatproof.

The activation zone is three meters long and no batteries or cables are necessary. It’s said to live for up to five years or 50,000 hours.

6. Heath Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Light

Heath has a number of options that you can choose from depending on your needs. The Heath Zenith that we’ve placed on this list is a dual-bulbed, heavy duty, motion sensor security light.

With Heath you have up to 70-feet detection range and adjustable detection sensitivity. You can place lights on a timer with options of one minute, five minutes, or 20 minutes. Bulb life is up to 3,000 hours.

7. First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket

This First Alert product is another socket bulb. It’s also a hands-free product that will automatically turn lights on or off when entering and exiting a room.

It’s a simple install, since it fits into any existing light socket. It senses movements in all directions—day or night—but it is intended for indoor use. It’s sensitivity range is up to 12 feet if it’s installed in a direction with heavy motion or foot traffic.

8. MAXSA Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

This is another dual-bulbed product. Motion is detected up to 40-feet away within a 180° radius. This product is solar powered and a DIY install.

Batteries do need to be recharged and they only provide 90 minute activates when fully charged, which could cause some problems.

Otherwise, it’s a solid product that can be used for doorways, walkways, sheds or patios.

9. Maxximma 6 LED Occupancy Sensor Light with Wall Mount

This LED light is wall mounted, and the wall mount is included. If the light no longer detects motion it will turn itself off after 30 seconds.

This product can be set to sense motion or always on.With this gadget there’s six bright LED’s and it’s simple install and affordable price can make it a good addition for your home. Motion can be detected up to 16 feet.

10. Sunforce LED Motion Sensor Light

Closing out our list is the Sunforce motion light. This product is highly durable due to its ABS plastic and aluminum. The solar panel can be mounted almost anywhere, and no main power or wiring is required.


It can be remain lit for up to eight hours of illumination, and 60 LED lights accompany this product. The detection distance is up to 30 feet with a range of 180 degrees.

The product can be adjusted with three different dial settings. A LUX(light level) setting that will determine the level of darkness that must be reached for the light to turn on. TIME will set the duration of illumination time, and SENS (sensitivity) covers the range of motion detection.

More importantly this product is also a simple DIY setup.

The Takeaway

As you can see from this list, there’s a number of options for home security sensor lights or indoor bulbs. No matter what your price range or preference is, there is surly a product to meet your needs. Pair this with a home security package and your family will be on their way to true peace of mind.