When it comes to protecting your home with a security system and products, it is important to know which products will work best for you home or what is best. Typically any person who is looking for home security will search for info on the internet and even call into security companies to find out. These are things we highly recommend. You always want to educate yourself on products especially when you are expecting to keep you and your family safe.

Protect America offers a variety of sensors to protect your home and family. All of the sensors are wireless and can be easily purchased with a free lifetime warranty when you are a Protect America customer.

The first product we highly recommend are obviously door and window sensors. Also referred to as, “micro sensors”. These small wireless door and window sensors are automatically triggered if someone opens your door or window while your alarm system is on. Two pieces come to each sensor, a magnet, and the actual sensor that holds the battery.  We have a variety of different packages to accommodate your home depending on size. Our actual Simon XT alarm system can hold up to 40 sensors.

The next product we recommend is a motion detector. The motion detector will protect the inside of your home. It detects body heat and movement. If someone were to by-pass your door or windows, this motion detector will catch the intruder, and set the alarm off if they walk in front of it. Protect America offers the motion detector will all of the packages. You can add more than one to each system, and it is pet-immune up to 30 lbs.

Another great product we recommend is the glass break sensor. The glass break sensor works like a sound alarm, by setting the alarm off if it hears glass break. If someone were to attempt to break through a window because they don’t want to set the alarm off by opening it, the alarm will then sound once glass breaks. This sensors covers an open air space of 400 sq ft. Typically you want one per room.

Another great product we recommend is the fire detector. The fire/smoke detector is great product because it works 24 hours a day no matter even if you alarm system is on or not. The smoke detector will catch a fire, and in that event will automatically dispatch the fire department to your home to see if there is a real emergency or not. This product can really be a life savior if you ever really have a fire. Typically a fire can be a total loss of all your possessions, so make sure you are covered.

For information on how to get a free alarm system and obtain the products mentioned above, please fill out the form on the right and let one of our experienced technicians give you a call to answer all of you questions.