The internet is a great resource for many things, like finding used security cameras. This sounds like a harmless idea, right—buying second-hand equipment at a discounted price from someone who no longer wants the gear in their home. You might even think you’re getting the better end of the bargain—except you might not. Opening your pocketbooks to used security cameras, no matter the price point, can be risky. Keep reading to understand the potential hazards you may face if you spend on used security cameras.

Used Security Cameras for Sale Might Come With an Extra Set of Eyes

An eerie, but true fact about buying used security cameras is that you may not be the only one who can view the surveillance footage. It’s possible the former owner may still have access to the footage connected to the used security cameras. This is bad news for you because this level of access grants the old owner permission to spy on your home. The purpose of security cameras is to provide your family with an extra layer of protection. These aspirations will spoil when an unwanted guest is viewing the activity in your home.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to stop the former owner from viewing your footage. You can try asking them to remove themselves from accessing the camera’s feed, but there’s no guarantee they’ll abide by your request.

The best solution would be to extensively research the used security camera ahead of time online before making the purchase. Perhaps the company that develops or sells the security camera explicitly details who can access your video feed. Knowing this information can help you determine whether this is the used camera you want.

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Buying Used High Quality Security Cameras Doesn’t Promise Product Warranties or Returns

One of the reassuring benefits of purchasing a new product, big or small, is having the ability to utilize the product warranty or trial period agreement. A trial period is your safety net. If you wake up one day and suddenly decide you no longer want the camera in your home, a trial period takes the equipment off of your hands penalty-free. Or maybe one afternoon your security camera suddenly falls apart. A product warranty lets you drop that broken camera in a box and ship it to the manufacturer so a shiny new product can head your way.

Choosing to purchase used high-quality security cameras online means that if your camera suddenly stops working, your plan of defense is the toolbox and working to repair the faulty equipment on your own. If that doesn’t sound like how you would like to spend your Saturday afternoon, then maybe purchasing used high-quality security cameras isn’t the right choice for your family. Used security cameras sold online typically don’t come with returns or trial periods.

Used Indoor and Outdoor Home Security Cameras Might Be Damaged

You know the feeling you get when you open a package, pull out the crunchy bubble wrap and finally hold that shiny new object you’ve been waiting for? Maybe you twirl this shiny new object around in your hands for a few seconds and marvel at its perfect build—the type of build that’s free from damage.

Unfortunately, no matter how promising the used indoor and outdoor home security cameras may seem online, they might come to your doorstep looking like they’ve seen better days. Maybe the seller is a pro with photo-editing software and was able to conceal the used security camera’s dent, leaving you surprised when the device came to your house looking less than stellar.

Buying a used security camera doesn’t mean what you receive will match what you were promised from the seller online. Purchasing from an anonymous online seller also makes it difficult to request a refund. Oftentimes, the most reliable way to ensure the security camera you’re getting is what you really want is to buy from a trusted company.

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Where to Find Best-In-Class Security Cameras

Security cameras are the eyes of your home while you’re away, doing other things. They play a significant role in keeping you connected and up-to-date on anything that’s happening around your home. However, you can’t understand what’s happening in your home if the used camera you found online is damaged and incapable of providing you with clear visuals of your home. And without a product warranty for you to lean on, you’ll have to make do with the faulty piece of equipment until you’re able to repair the camera on your own; or until you’re able to purchase a new one.

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