You say swamp coolers, and people may look at you with utter confusion. So, what is a swamp cooler? It works like a humidifier by funneling moisture into your home. You likely did know you can benefit from a swamp cooler’s addition to your thermostat. The exciting part is that is now part of a smart thermostat control automation.  Every climate benefits from the technology that a smart thermostat provides.

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    The Trio of Thermostat Options

    • The Dial 7625 – Ezi-Stat Evaporative Swamp Cooler Thermostat Controller is one of the most common swamp coolers regarding smart thermostats. The digital thermostat allows you comfort while controlling how much energy you use. One of the benefits of swamp coolers is how energy efficient they are.
    • Also known as evaporative coolers, the  Wireless Thermostat for Swamp Coolers is controlled remotely, much like you would change any setting on your smart thermostat. The automation goes beyond your control. It knows when the humidity level is too high and shuts itself off.
    • MasterStat Thermostat for Evaporative Coolers is a popular digital option regarding swamp coolers. The upside is the ability to change the motor speeds to suit your needs. Comfort is the primary reason anyone goes with a swamp cooler that works in tandem with their smart thermostat.

    LASCO 36-0233 Evaporative Water Cooler Thermostat with Two Speed Six Position Switch is a classical analog swamp cooler control switch that was popular before digital became the standard.

    Considering A Swamp Cooler

    • Climate plays a significant role in whether or not you want to research and purchase a swamp cooler.  Dry, hot environments, such as deserts, benefit the most. Evaporative coolers work best when the humidity level is below 60.
    • Do you enjoy the fresh air? Swamp coolers are work best when it has access to outdoor air. It dry climates, the cooler circulates air better than a traditional air conditioner unit. The circulation of fresh air also means if you suffer from allergies, itchy eyes will no longer be an issue if a swamp cooler works in tandem with your smart thermostat.
    • The best results of the addition of an evaporative cooler are in homes that are of a certain size.  Depending on the space you are cooling, you will need to consider the area to know what size cooler is best for your comfort.
    • You will want to consider how much time you have to maintain a swamp cooler. The process includes knowing when to turn it off and on depending on the season, changing out pads, checking the pumps, and monitoring the refrigerator to decipher when the motor could use a good oiling. Rest assured, however, if you are not technology savvy; people are available to assist you.

    Features To Reflect Upon

    As with any appliance, additional features are always something to take into account. Often, the choices are overwhelming. But, with enough information, you will find the perfect fit.

    • Do you want an ice compartment for the benefit of extra cooling?
    • Do you want to control the swamp cooler from work or vacation?
    • Do you want multiple cooling speeds?
    • Are you looking for one with a timer to increase the energy efficiency?
    • Do need an ionizer?

    Additional features are an endless list of what is best for you and your home’s comfort. Protect America is available to answer these questions and more. We are also ready to walk you through your installation and explain each feature. No question is a dumb question.