Alexa is slowly taking over the world. She is one of the top smart speakers of the world. Alexa can entertain, give plenty of information, and every control devices around the house. She can turn on the lights, control other electronic devices, and even control the thermostat. There are devices that are Alexa-friendly that can be used around the house. Thermostat control is becoming quite popular. This could be used to help the disabled and sick around the house when they are stuck home alone. Which one is the best to use? Protect America is here to help answer that question and look into each possibility. Amazon doesn’t yet have their own thermostat, but there are three ways Alexa can control your thermostat.

  • Kindle/Tablet
  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Fire TV


Bookworms can adjust the temperature in their houses while they are reading. About 2016, the Alexa app became available on the Kindle. Only users with a fourth generation and later can have this little treat. If they feel cold or too hot, the user can just use voice command from their Kindle to control the temperature. Amazon has a page dedicated for how to get Alexa working on the Kindle. All questions can be answered there. For seventh generation/Fire HD 10, Alexa comes in hands-free mode. If Alexa does not work on the Kindle/Tablet, the site warns,

“Alexa is not available on 3rd generation and older Fire tablets. The Alexa app from the Amazon Appstore is a companion app for Alexa-enabled devices. If your Fire tablet is not an Alexa-enabled device, it will not support Alexa interactions, even if the Alexa app is downloaded to the device. Some Alexa features and services may also vary by country.”

In other words, check what version of Kindle Fire or Tablet that is in the user’s possession.

Amazon Echo

If fans of Alexa do not own a Kindle or tablet, they can use Amazon Echo. This will essential transform your thermostat into an Amazon thermostat. Again, they can use voice command to control the device with your voice. They can just plug up Echo and give Echo commands to control the thermostat. This is one of the most popular devices on Amazon. Echo go so popular that Amazon had to make the device in many forms to meet the needs of the people. There are now five devices that Echo can be used on:

  • Echo Dot
  • Echo
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Show

The page itself provides comparison of each device from price to device size. Each detail is thorough enough to help make a decision for which device is right for them. Depending the features and price range, everyone will be happy with their choice in the end.


Amazon Fire TV

And now, Amazon has move onto the TV. That is right, Alexa can be commanded from the television set. Fire TV can come with an Alexa voice command remote. If a person feels cold in their house while they are watching something on Amazon Prime, they can just command Alexa to turn up the thermostat without stopping what they are doing and getting up to do the task themselves. They have to do so by holding down the microphone button at the top and give the command. Protect America is amazed at how something so simple that is connected to the TV can make life that much better. Alexa will answer the viewer back through the television with no problems. Plus, there are many features that open in a separate display on the TV screen to show the viewer what Alexa is doing. Fire TV can also use Alexa with an Alexa-friendly device.