Interested in getting an Amazon device featuring Alexa, such as an Echo or Echo Dot? These amazing devices are great for gifts and personal use. According to Amazon, these are a few of Alexa’s core skills:

Echo and other Alexa devices let you instantly connect to Alexa to play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using just your voice.

Let’s see the top five things that these devices can do:


Alexa Core Skills

Get information for you

Obtaining information for you is the number one thing that Alexa provides. Whether it’s sporting events times or past game scores you want — or the current or forecasted weather, movie times, or “who that one guy in that one movie was,” Alexa can help.

Help you manage your life

Alexa can also help you with managing your to-do list, schedule, and other life essentials. For example, Alexa can set timers and alarms for you, bring up your calendar, manage your shopping list, and even order a pizza!

More Alexa Core Skills

Help you stay healthy

Speaking of your life, Alexa is great at helping you stay on track with health and fitness. If you also own a Fitbit, you can sync your Fitbit with Alexa so that you can ask Alexa how you doing on your current day’s steps, sleep, or food that day. You can even ask Alexa to pick a random workout for you to do or to find a great healthy recipe for you and your family. Get all of the nutritional information you need at the drop of a hat as well.

Help you relax

If you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep or relaxing, Alexa is the perfect companion. She can play music for you to relax to in the evening or before you go to sleep, or she can even dim your lights when you need to rest your eyes.

Even More Alexa Core Skills

Control your home

Finally, you can actually control your home with Amazon Alexa. You’ll need other devices such as plugs and systems that can go online of course. But if everything’s in place, you can essentially control your entire home with your voice: lights, your heating and cooling system, a television, your music player, and even some devices in the kitchen.

Of course, another one of the main features in smart home control is home security. For example, you can tell Alexa to turn on your security system when you leave the house or to turn it off when you arrive home. Naturally, you’ll need to have a security system that works with Alexa in place first.

If you are interested in monitored home security that can be seamlessly linked to your Amazon Alexa device, get a free quote from Protect America.


Simplify your life with Alexa’s Core Skills

Now is the time to purchase an Alexa device if you are interested. Holiday sales are in full swing, and you can get a great deal on this amazing device.