The Internet of Things is what everyone’s been taking about lately. Is it because they have nothing else to talk about? No! It’s because this technology is changing fast, and it’s drastically changed how well we are able to control the devices in our homes. Just as computers are connected to each other and are able to exchange a vast amount of data with each other, the IoT has allowed for a multitude of other objects to communicate with each other and to exchange data. In home security circles, this has led to a revolution in the way homes are protected.


Security Systems That Communicate

An alarm system that doesn’t communicate with the other portions of that system is quite limited in what it can do. That is especially true for unmonitored systems. They make noise, sure, but that is of limited use to a homeowner. Systems that use IoT technology can communicate with a variety of devices, keeping the system as a whole aware of what is happening in the area you’ve secured. It also allows for you to be aware of everything going on there through communication with your handheld device. Not only do the devices communicate with each other, but a monitored security system will also communicate with the monitoring center to get you the help you need when there is an emergency.

Software for Easier, Safer Living

The physical objects that make up the IoT is embedded with the latest sensors, software and electronics that allow for an effective communications system for collecting and communicating data. For us humans, that means these objects are easier to control and to use as a complete system of security. An IoT security system can:

  • Let you know through your phone when there has been an intrusion
  • Let you see your home through a wireless camera system
  • Allow for the easy control of the system through your Alexa unit
  • Provide complete control through a touchscreen control panel


The Latest Home Security Technology

With a system that is highly connected, high-tech and modern, data from your home is being collected and communicated at all times, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Even if you aren’t there, the devices in your home are monitoring the situation and communicating as needed. When the system is being monitored by a home security system, you also have human interaction that uses the data as needed to send for help anytime it’s necessary. With this technology set up and watching over a home, there is a level of ease and peace of mind that has never before been a part of home security. If you’re interested in monitored home security that uses the IoT for quick, effective reactions to intrusions, get a free quote from Protect America.