Apple’s Siri has been usurped by Amazon’s Alexa and now Amazon is making inroads into home security that works hand-in-hand with its other smart products. Instead of just asking Alexa to play music videos through the TV, homeowners will be able to control their security cameras using voice and wireless technology. From toasters to thermostats to front doors, the IoT is revolutionizing the way people live.


Everyday Devices Compatible with the IoT

Doing the laundry and want to know when the load has stopped? Smart washing machines can do that and more. Refrigerators are even made to work with Smartphones now. Connecting those things on one network can make practically every electronic in the house “smart.”

When Siri first came out, people marveled at this human-sounding computer voice that could give step-by-step directions, select music from a playlist on a Smartphone, and call someone totally hands-free. That technology seems Stone Age now. Just some of the everyday devices, tools, and machines that are now compatible with the IoT include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Lights
  • Door and Window Locks
  • Security Cameras
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Device Hubs
  • Coffee Makers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • And More!

Already there are close to 10 million cars that are connected to AT&T’s network and the number is only going up.

Smart Homes Make Home Security More Affordable

There are greater uses for this technology beyond convenience. Already sensor technology combined with public security cameras are helping to fight crime, reduce congestion on freeways, improve safety, etc.

On the home security front, the IoT is making the costs of home surveillance more affordable for the average Jane and Joe. Instead of requiring an installer to wire homes and install equipment, most of these devices can be connected with a simple software download and a password.


Device Compatibility is Outpacing Device Security

As the IoT expands, there is a danger to housing so much data on a network and embedding sensors in devices – they can all be hacked. In fact, security experts are sounding the alarm that the IoT is outpacing device security leaving everything connected in a home network vulnerable to hackers. Many home security companies are adding network security as part of their home security servidces to protect IoT connected devices.

Having cameras monitoring suspicious activity is only part of the battle. There also needs to be someone watching at all times that can do something about it. No matter how prolific the IoT becomes, when it comes to home security, companies like Protect America will still be necessary for true home security. Want to know more? Get a free quote from Protect America.