Technically speaking, you are legally allowed to install a personal security system without having to obtain a permit for it. But operating and activating this alarm system is a completely different matter. In case you want to install or operate any kind of emergency response or remote monitoring functionalities, you will find that many local governments will need you to get a permit. Additionally, even if you choose to go without monitoring, having a loud alarm will normally result in you paying hefty fines in the event that you are found not to have a permit.


Home alarm permits are mandatory for the residents of many major counties and urban centers. This is aimed at dealing with the false alarms issue. Naturally, many of the laws in use today can be traced back to more than ten years ago when many home monitoring and security systems were less sophisticated than they are today, and their users not well-versed with them.

There are localities that only require a single permit, while some will need you to make a distinction between police, fire, or combine fire and police permits. This means that you need to spend more money on your alarm system. Additionally, many of these licenses are subjected to yearly renewal.

Self-Monitored Vs. Professionally Monitored Alarm Systems

A self-monitored alarm system is exactly as the name suggests—these are alarm systems that you get to monitor on your own. On installation, they can come with security cameras, motion sensors, sirens, and silent alarms that send you push notifications in case of a break-in. There are some that also connect directly to your smartphone making it possible to monitor the residence remotely.

In case you get a notification when you are in the residence, you can dial 911 or request your neighbors to take a look to determine whether there are signs of a break-in or not. But they are not as good as they sound. Apart from having to pay a yearly fee for them, some of their other disadvantages include:

  • Many require Wi-Fi or electricity to function. Therefore, they will not operate if your power is disconnected.
  • In case you are not able to look at your smartphone, or you are currently in an area that has very poor reception, the notifications will not be delivered. So you will not know whether you need to call the police or not.
  • It can be extremely expensive to install cameras in all the rooms. For rooms where they have been installed, you can expect them to only cover those rooms.
  • A self-monitored system will normally not come with an alarm. As such, although it can assist the police to identify the burglars, the system will not do much to scare away the intruders.

Monitored/ Professional Home Security Systems

Monitored systems are systems installed by professional companies like Protect America. In this type of system, the company will monitor your alarm system 24/7 and will receive notifications every time a sensor in the residence is tripped. The emergency services will also be alerted to the developing situation. This process works by:

  • Home alarm sensor is tripped
  • A notification gets sent to the monitoring center once the alarm delay has elapsed
  • A representative from the monitoring center tries to get in touch with the property owners to establish whether it is a false alarm
  • Depending on the assessment made by the Protect America representative, emergency responders will be sent to check the residence.

Why You Need Professionally Monitored Security Systems

1. Protect the Family and Your Home From Possible Intruders

Studies indicate that houses without professional security systems are roughly 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by intruders. What this means that the mere indication that a home has a professional alarm system installed is enough to send many burglars scampering away.

2. Protect the People You Love From Fires

Whenever you mention professional alarm systems, many homeowners tend to think of intrusion scenarios. However, the alarm systems from Protect America can provide you and your family with an added safety barrier. You no longer have to rely on your smoke alarm to warn you of a possible inferno, as the home security system will come equipped with an early warning system.


As you can see from the facts mentioned above, professional home alarm systems offer an additional layer of security that is not available in self-monitored alarms. Another important factor to consider is that many home intruders gain entry into a home through the first windows, backdoor, and front door. An alarm system from Protect America will cover all these areas for you. You can get a free quote online and find out what different types of security equipment you might want.