If you’re looking for home security and love your Apple computer or smartphone, then HomeKit may be the right security system for you. Apple’s HomeKit system is designed to work with Apple’s iOS on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

What is Apple HomeKit?

Apple’s HomeKit is a smart system which allows you to control your smart home devices from one central hub. You can adjust your thermostat, turn lights on and off, and do the same with locks from any room in your house or remotely. You can create a comfortable home atmosphere right from your smartphone in just a few quick taps of your finger.

HomeKit doesn’t work with as many devices as Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, but that is changing quickly as Apple works to integrate to more devices. At this time, you can integrate with supported plugs, lights and locks to get started with a smart home.

What Can HomeKit Do?

HomeKit gives you the option to turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature of your home’s thermostat, turn devices on and off that are attached to smart switches and plugs. You can also lock and unlock your front door, view anyone or anything that is at your front door. The goal is for beginners and experts alike to set up smart homes without too much trouble.

With the Home app, you can easily and securely control your HomeKit accessories from all your Apple devices. Turn off the lights, see who’s at the front door, adjust your living room temperature, turn up the music, and so much more. And with the new HomeKit Secure Video capability and HomeKit‑enabled routers, it’s all even more secure. The Home app makes all your connected devices work harder — and smarter — for you.

Does it Work with My iPhone?

Apple’s Home app for iOS allows you to control any smart home device labeled with “Works with Apple HomeKit” securely from your iPhone. Using the app, you can organize your smart products by room, control your home with Siri, and manage several smart products simultaneously. The Home app turns your phone into a remote control for any of your smart home devices from anywhere you are.

How to set up HomeKit.

Do You Need a Hub with HomeKit?

At home, you can use the Home app to control any of your WiFi-enabled or Bluetooth devices as long as they are HomeKit-compatible. To turn them off or on, just tap on them in the app.

If you’re not at home, you need to have a third- or fourth-generation Apple TV to control your smart home devices. The television is required to run tvOS9 or newer, an iPad using iOS 10 or newer, or a HomePod.

This works the same for anyone who wants to create home automation such as creating a program that run in specific circumstances, turning lights on and off, or adjusting heat or air conditioning.

How Do I Set Up Apple’s HomeKit?

Just install the Home app on any iOS device, tap the plus sign with your finger to create a scene or connect a device.

How Do I Connect to my TV?

On your Apple TV, go to Settings. Once there, select Accounts. Then, sign in to iCloud with the same ID that you use on your iOS device. This will connect your TV as your home hub.

How Does It Work?

That depends on your devices. Some HomeKit devices connect using WiFi, while others use Bluetooth from about 30 feet or less from your home hub.

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Which Smart Home Devices Work With Apple HomeKit?

For the full list of smart home devices that work with HomeKit, go here.

  • HomeKit is compatible with smart lighting devices from Philips Hue, Lifx, Eve, Nanoleaf, Sylvania, and Koogeek
  • Temperature devices include Ecobee and Honeywell thermostats
  • Locks include August Smart Locks, Elgato Eve Door and Window Sensors, Schlage deadbolts
  • Smart plugs from iHome and Lutron, Netgear, and Hunter Apache Ceiling Fan
  • First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

What is the Cost?

Installing the Apple Home app is free, but you will need to purchase any of the smart home devices that are compatible with HomeKit. For example, an iHome iSp6X Control Smart Plug is $27.  Each device has its own price.

Depending on the size of your home and how many devices you want to control with the Home app, it’s easy to see why costs for smart devices can add up. Also, you will need an iPad, HomePod or Apple TV to control the smart devices remotely.

However, you can start small and add more devices later. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. Add more devices over time to fit into your budget, and soon you will have the smart home you’ve dreamed of.

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