You know the feeling. You have already hit the road and you can’t remember if you switched off the lights or turned on the alarm system. Do you turn around and hope that you did what you we’re suppose to do when you left the house? Or should you choose to take out your smart phone, open an app and make sure all is fine?

Convenience, peace of mind, and control are all features that make home automation appealing to consumers.

Why You Should Not Be Left Behind with Home Automation

With leading corporations like AT&T, Amazon, Verizon, Nest, and Home Depot initiating smart services and products that let you control your home away from home, the smart home market has become hard to ignore. A large number of the public have become active users, given the advancing number of subscribers who already use their phones or tablets to remote control their houses. Many subscribers are interested in managing their thermostats, blinds, lighting, security systems, and door locks.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Automation System

Vulnerability of your Wi-Fi network – Given that not every smart device is designed for high security, connecting them to your Wi-Fi network may cause information leakages. For instance, in one cyberattack, approximately 100,000 products like TVs, and Routers released more than 750,000 phishing e-mails over a fortnight. Precisely, some devices can permit hackers and whomever they trade your data to, access other connected products in your home such as your home network and computers. It is highly recommended to be very careful with the security systems of your home products, especially if they are connected to the network. Also, don’t forget to change the default password.
Privacy – You would definitely not expect an unconnected home device to share any information that your prefer to keep private. However, the same cannot be assumed for a smart thermostat signalling hackers when it is on vacation mode. Alternatively, your smart-lock app might allow thieves to study the times of your arrival and departure from home.
Settling for the best technical company – Since connectivity is still in its’ early stages, it can be hard to tell the leader among competing technologies. In order to control many products in your house, you require many apps, which isn’t at all convenient. On the other hand, you could opt for a suite of products from a single brand that operate on the same wireless standard like Z-wave or ZigBee. However, this would leave you vulnerable to potentially purchasing into the Betamax of smart products.


Is It Worth Buying Home Automation Systems?

Generac Mobile Link – Simply having a stationary generator does not assure you will have power. You want to constantly check the LCD screen on the unit to confirm the generators is working properly. But you can’t always be at home to do that. Therefore, Mobile Link is one of a few products that can notify you via text or e-mail if a problem comes up during the generators periodic self-checks.
FortrezZ Wireless Z-wave Water Valve – This gadget comes in handy whenever anything springs a water leak before causing harm to the ground, wiring systems or furniture below. This valve can e-mail, text, or call you if water is where it should not be.
Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting, Starter pack – Coming home to a dark house is not at all pleasing. This system can be used to program several lights to come on before you pull into the driveway, change settings remotely, and even set create scenes based on your best photos.

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