On October 4, Sonos came out with good news for anyone who has an Amazon and Sonos speakers in their home. After months of matchmaking, the wireless speaker company has released a beta update that marries Alexa and Sonos. The Sonos Amazon  combo supplies the missing link – voice control – to  wireless delivery of music, podcasts, broadcast and internet radio programming to every Sonos speaker in the house. And this goes for playlists too. Just use your Amazon Echo, Tap, or Dot to tell Alexa which song and what room(s), and the specified speakers will respond, filling the them with sound. That’s where controlling your Sonos One with Alexa comes in handy.


Does Alexa Work with All Sonos Speakers?

The answer up to now would have been yes and no. Yes for the the latest speaker; the Sonos One natively supports the Amazon platform with an  array of six far-field mcrophones that allow Alexa to take control. The trick to connecting sonos with alexa is to speak to it as you would any Echo device. However, earlier speakers such as the Play:1 and Play:3 have no microphones but this is where the new beta update, Sonos 8.0, comes in. It allows anyone who has an older Sonos speaker to gain Alexa support as long as they have an existing Alexa-enabled connected device.

It also notes that Alexa and Sonos work together by sharing a single Amazon account. If you have a second Sonos system with which you’ll also want to use Alexa, you’ll have to open a second Amazon account.

Step-By-Step Integration

The integration process involves adding Sonos skills to the Alexa app. It is fairly lengthy, going back and forth between Sonos and Alexa, but also straightforward and intuitive. Before you begin, make sure your Sonos system has been updated to Sonos 8.0.

  • Open the Alexa App on your smartphone or go to the Alexa website on your computer.
  • Go to the menu
  • Tap skills.
  • Search for Sonos.
  • Choose the Sonos skills
  • Tap, enable, and sign in to the Sonos account.
  • Go back to the Alexa app
  • Select Smart home from the menu
  • Select devices and discover

Once all your Sonos devices have been discovered, you’ll be ready to control them with Alexa tips.

Sonos and the Future of the Connected Home

Although today’s homeowners profess to want a connected home, many confine their interest to a select few individual smart devices rather than a truly connected home that incorporates several devices working together. The following excerpt from an article in Gizmodo at the time of the update roll-out indicates that Sonos has been a pioneer in the connected home ecosphere.


Sonos is now 14-years-old, in the intervening years it basically invented the wi-fi connected speaker system. The company sees the strategic shift towards voice control as critical. According to Sonos President Patrick Spence, the biggest trends driving Sonos are the explosion in popularity of paid streaming music services and the increasingly connected home. With the new move, Sonos wants to be be the sound platform for the connected home.

Unlike their competitors, Sonos platform integrates with a wide array of streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Sonos Amazon Music, Google Play and more.

Sonos Tech Support

If you still are having issues with your Sonos , you might want to reach out to their customer support directly.  Sonos does have a 24/7 tech support help line (1 (800) 680-2345) as well as an online chat form on their website, but Sonos customer suport does have some pretty lengthy hold times. On top of that if you’re trying to get a refund then they will usually run you through quite a few hoops before they will refund your money. The refund process is also pretty lengthy and they will usually hold your money for several weeks which in some circumstances might be pretty inconvenient and it might even be easier to just go through the department store or online store that you made the original purchase from. As far as actually getting your products set up as long as you don’t mind waiting on hold for a while the support techs are usually very knowledgeable and helpful.

Smart Home Security

Connected home security is another sector in which consumers are willing to invest. According to a PWC infographic, 42% of homeowners say they’d be motivated to invest in a smart solution that offered increased home security. If you’re interested in a connected home security system that offers interactive features, intelligent alerts, HD video, and professional monitoring, contact Protect America for a free quote.