With technology it can be really annoying when one finds two great tools that just make sense working together, a bit like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich, only to find that the specific manufacturers of the two tools refuse to cooperate with each other and make it easy for the consumer to use both. Common sense logic would dictate that supporting compatibility would drive more sales for both companies, but stranger things have happened in today’s tech land. That specific conundrum seems to be the case with Nest, the popular self-learning home thermostat system, and SmartThings, the smart home multiple device management system. Officially, SmartThings has no protocol or official connection with Nest. As their company notice makes it clear, they have no direct support. And Nest pretty much brushes the matter off as not being branded to work with their product, so it doesn’t exist in the Nest world. But what about what the consumer wants?


SmartThings isn’t entirely averse to third party solutions. Like so many other tech fields, the smart home device community has its share of programmers solving problems regardless of company marketing managers and their foibles with each other. It provides:

    • Compatibility with Nest and Nest Virtual Thermostat
    • Integration with Nest Protect
    • Integration with Nest Cam

Of course, the programmers were also very smart on the litigious side too; they made it clear in bold large font they are not responsible for people too lazy to pay attention to their surroundings and expecting a computer to tell them to get out of a home when there’s a danger. Some brainpower is still required despite our modern zest to not think at all as much as possible.

Don’t Wait, Get Creative

So for those waiting for an official, packaged and stamped integration connector tool between the two companies’ products, it’s not going to happen any time soon. And since there is already an outside solution, people aren’t too inclined to push for one either. It’s really a missed revenue opportunity for both companies but a free boost and benefit for the consumer who uses both devices for their smart home setup. Because we at Protect America are focused on keeping you safe and healthy, anything that works for the consumer’s advantage in this sort of arena is the kind of thing we’re going to highlight (we’re not fond of marketing managers either). As far as we’re concerned, don’t wait for corporate folks to get their act together; be a leader yourself instead and take action on your terms!


If you’re interested in security plans that take into account what is needed for smart home technology integration, take look at our offers at ProtectAmerica.com today! We include remote access capability as well as equipment integration for the parts your current set up may be missing for a complete system protection.