According to the Nest company website, the products that are known to integrate correctly with the Nest smart home device system compatibility are branded with a works with Nest logo. For window security sensors the list of officially known vendors include:

  • RTI
  • Control4
  • ADT
  • Insteon
  • Scout
  • And then, of course, there is Nest’s own Nest Secure system and related hardware. The big issue is to make sure you try the hardware and confirm that it indeed does work before going through all the expense of purchase, installation, set up and then finding out things don’t work as planned. If you’re the do-it-yourself type (don’t feel alone, we all try it one way or another with just about every fix at some point), you really want to make sure all your testing is done before any purchasing happens. That means taking the time to research each option, get into the actual equipment specifications and find the confirmation in writing. Don’t take people’s word for it as you’re the only one putting the parts together to work.


    Services Means You Don’t Get Headaches Studying

    On the other hand, and this why sometimes it’s a good idea to pay for professional installation, if you choose to work with a licensed system installer, all the testing and compatibility work has been done. Professional technician services know exactly which sensors work with Nest and which ones do not based on their own real-time evaluation and checks. They have already invested in the equipment to be able to deliver full package installations to the consumer on order. While it does cost a bit more, you’ll know that the installation is done right and, when the system control is turned over to you, everything works correctly without surprises or hiccups.

    It’s Always Yours Choice

    As the consumer, you should always remember the choice of equipment, service, installation and warranty are entirely yours. However, it takes time to research and understand all the moving parts for a good system. This is why many people choose the packaged approach because they don’t have the time to sit through reams of specification paperwork in addition to the actual assembly and house modifications needed. And doing it all the first time without technical training and practice can be daunting. We know; we all went through the same anxiety the first time we learned how to install security system hardware and sensors our self. And that’s why our plans are so helpful.


    Protect America has integrated both the correct hardware and service plan in one package. We crafted our approach from what the consumer needs in window security and we’ve adapted our product plans to the latest technology as well. Just take a look at both our equipment offerings and security plans to see for yourself. Why spend your weekend getting frustrated and angry? Let Protect America take over the Nest sensor installation so your home is working right from the start. It’s what we are trained to do so have a working system right from the start!