More and more, it is becoming increasingly clear that the world is trending toward advanced technology in many different sectors. This is particularly true when referring to the field of home security. While home security systems are not incredibly new, they’ve been around for several decades, we are now noticing an unrivaled amount of options for homeowners to consider when addressing their security needs. Today, our discussion will be centered on the growing rivalry between wireless and hardwired home security camera systems. We will be discussing the individual benefits of each style while culminating in the best options in the marketplace.

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    Wired Home Security Systems – Beneficial?

    When discussing home security systems, one of the first questions that need to be answered revolves around whether the system is hardwired or wireless. Traditionally, old-school home security systems relied on hardwired setups in order to operate effectively. The initial reason for this design decision was feasibility when security cameras were first beginning to be used en masse, we didn’t have the wireless capabilities that we do now.

    A hardwired home security system has the luxury of operating without the need for special networking. With wireless systems, conversely, homeowners are relying on a network in order to make sure that their system is functioning as it should. There is some peace of mind available in opting for a hardwired system.

    When discussing home security systems, most people are going to opt for the sleekest and most updated versions available. This line of thinking will naturally lead to people discarding wired systems entirely. We do not think that this is entirely wise. In fact, there are a few benefits that wired security systems can offer that cannot be matched by a wireless alternative.

    • Secured Network – With a wired system, homeowners have the luxury of knowing that their security system is a closed loop. There is no wireless accessibility from third parties.
    • Stabile Transmission – With a hardwired setup, transmission is at its most stable. Homeowners do not have to worry about dropped signals or reception loss.
    • Ideal Spacing – Finally, hardwired systems are easy to set up for larger homes. Without worrying about dropping a signal, hardwired security systems can be placed anywhere within a home.

    While hardwired cameras have many benefits going toward their cause, there are drawbacks. Wired camera systems typically are much harder to install due to the massive amounts of cables being dragged about.

    The Impact Of Wireless Security Cameras

    While hardwired security cameras offer a surprising amount of benefits, they don’t have a monopoly on positive traits. There are many reasons that people are moving more and more toward wireless security systems, and it isn’t just because they are sleeker and easier to work with.

    Wireless home security cameras typically interact with a primary router by way of some sort of networking language: ZigBee, WiFi, 3G. This networking ability allows homeowners to network their entire property with wireless cameras, so long as the data can be transmitted to the router in an effective and efficient way.


    Wireless home security cameras are easier to install than their hardwired counterparts and, additionally, they are more portable and flexible. Companies like Protect America specialize in providing their customers with detailed, wireless systems that are tailored to the exact specifications of their customers home.

    With all of that being said, wireless camera systems aren’t perfect. There are some problems that are unique to wireless systems and they include: dropped signals breaking up the transmission, more hackable accessibility thanks to the wireless network, and a marked increase in price differential.

    Protect America Offers Affordable Home Security Systems

    Ultimately, seizing on proper security protocol is the most important thing that homeowners can do. When a homeowner wants to have their building secured, be it with a wired or wireless system, they need to know that a professional monitoring company has their back. Protect America offers 24/7 professionally monitored service with low monthly rates starting at $30/month. Quick and convenient installation techniques make Protect America a slam dunk for most homeowners. Call today for a free estimate on a potential new security system for all of your needs.