Most people don’t know that there are more than 2.5 million reported burglaries per year in the United States of America. Property crime and home break-ins are a constant source of anxiety for homeowners in towns big and small. Feeling comfortable and secure at home should be more than just a common feeling, it should be part of being a homeowner. With that being said, many folks don’t know where to start in their pursuit of the kind of home security system that they need in order to stay safe at home. Today, we’ll make their job easier by focusing on the value and effectiveness of wireless home security camera systems.


Wireless Home Security Camera Systems: What You Need To Know.

The most important aspect of home security definitely involves security cameras. While locks and alarms are definitely important, being able to capture evidence of a break-in is by far the most important aspect of a home security system. Invented decades ago, home security camera systems have changed in a big way over the years. It used to be that homeowners had to rely on wired, archaic camera systems in order to try and address their entire home. This made it hard for camera systems to adequately cover every nook and cranny of a building. This is no longer a problem, thankfully, as a variety of wireless security camera systems are available.

When shopping for a wireless home security camera system, buyers need to pay attention to several key factors: storage, connectivity, power supply, and recording output.

Thankfully, shopping for wireless home security camera systems is easier than ever. Today, we are going to address several key components that go into selecting the right camera setup for homes of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the discussion.

  1. Indoor Vs. Outdoor – In a perfect world, homeowners will have an indoor and outdoor system in order to properly cover their entire property. Outdoor systems are great for watching over entry points as well as windows.
  2. Storage Options – Traditionally, homeowners are going to have to select a specific type of storage in order to get the most out of their wireless system. With wireless cameras in homes that have high-speed internet, cloud storage might be the right choice. Otherwise, SD Card storage is the prevailing option.
  3. Monitored Vs. Unmonitored – There are two key types of security system with wireless cameras. The first type is a closed system where it is up to the homeowner to review the footage. The second system is a professional monitoring setup which involves an external force available to help, such as the systems offered by Protect America.

There are other factors that are going to have to be addressed during the shopping process. Homeowners will have to decide whether they want cameras with IR vision, HD image quality, and sound. Additionally, homeowners will have to decide what kind of network that their system relies on, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Sizing Up The Right Security System For Your Home.

Now that we have a foundation of knowledge, how do we pick the right system for our home? The leading way to select a wireless home security camera system is to address the specific needs of the homeowner. What does this entail? Nothing terribly difficult, thankfully. Let’s dig right into the issue.

Homeowners need to decide their budget before beginning to seriously consider different products. Companies like ADT and Protect America both offer extensive wireless security camera systems that come with a free estimate. Protect America, additionally, offers service without any installation fees.

Next, homeowners need to have a proper estimate done by a leading company. Houses big and small will have different needs. With a professional estimate, it’ll be easier to make the right decision.


Free Estimates & No Installation Fees With Protect America.

There are plenty of home security companies vying for the business of homeowners throughout the country. While well-known companies like Vivint and ADT continue to be popular choices, Protect America has grown exponentially in recent years. With no installation fees and free estimates, Protect America is making their case as one of the best security companies in the country. For homeowners interested in a complete security system with no installation fees, consider reaching out to Protect America today.