The world is increasingly trending toward automation and that means that many individuals are seeking ways to optimize their own homes. Automation can make a huge difference for everyday homeowners in a variety of different fields but particularly that of the home security field. Z-wave technology is reaching out to be that game-changer in the automation industry and it is manifesting itself within the home security field at a stunning rate. Let us take a closer look at Z-Wave technology and what it means for home security.


What the heck is Z-Wave technology?

Z-Wave technology is not a reference to some sort of technological development made by Lex Luther in the world of DC Comics. Instead, it is a concept that has been developed over recent years to help make communication between devices easy and effective. Z-Wave was developed by the team at Zensys INC, based in Denmark, back in 2004.

Z-Wave, sometimes shortened to Zwave, is a control protocol that allows for communication between devices, typically located within a home, using radio signals in order to broadcast between the devices. Within a typical Z-Wave network, there can be up to 232 different nodes existing, though these typically will not all be used during operation.

Okay, but why should I use Z-Wave devices?

There are many reasons to consider moving toward Z-wave technology and Z-Wave devices, particularly if a person is interested in amplifying their home security. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few of the benefits that Z-Wave devices can bring to a home.

  • Z-Wave technology operates within the 900MHz band, which gives the signal more isolation from interference.
  • With less interference, the signal from Z-Wave device to Z-Wave device will be stronger and less prone to dropping.
  • Finally, Z-Wave devices are more easily able to communicate through walls and objects that would otherwise prevent other technology from interfacing.

As can be clearly seen, Z-Wave devices are going to be the way of the future thanks to their effectiveness and efficiency. Z-Wave devices are on the rise and they are being used more and more within the home security field. These devices are going to become the new norm in the world of home security.

Making the plunge to Z-Wave home security.


Once the decision has been made to shift gears toward enhanced home security, Z-Wave systems are the only way to go. Thanks to consistent updates to the technology, individuals are feeling more and more comfortable pursuing Z-Wave as the solution to their home security needs.

Home security isn’t a topic that should be discussed lightly and for that reason, many homeowners are turning to the people at ProtectAmerica in order to help set up their first Z-Wave home security system. For those interested in giving the technology a chance, merely reach out for a free quote today. As the technology continues to improve, Z-Wave will become more and more the norm within the world we live in.