How many times have you left your home or business, with the tingling feeling that you forgot to lock the door? Those days are over when you install a smart lock. The days of losing or forgetting your keys are also over when you have a smart lock installed. Smart locks make you feel confident by enabling you to know who is coming and going from your home. You simply hook up the smart lock to the hub, and you will be able to unlock your door remotely from any location on the globe.


Installing a smart lock doesn’t mean giving up your key; most smart locks still let you use your key, too. You can check to make sure your doors are secured no matter where you are so you never have to wonder if you locked the door or not. You can remotely lock and unlock your doors from anywhere in the world to let in your housekeeper or caregiver. When the person leaves, you can secure the door so you know your home is safe.

Should You Keep or Replace Your Existing Deadbolt?

With some smart locks, you can keep the deadbolt that you already have and add a layer of connectivity on top of it. The other option is to replace your existing deadbolt altogether. In most cases, this is the best idea.

Which Lock is Best for You?

There are some distinct differences among smart locks in terms of installation, technology and synchronization with other products, but they will all give you cutting-edge remote control access.


If it detects your phone, Kwikset the will let you in with just one touch of the lock.


August doesn’t come with touch pads but they do offer plenty of useful automatic functions, such as the auto-unlock feature.


Z-Wave locks do not connect directly with your phone. Instead, it attaches to a Z-Wave-compatible hub that translate the lock’s Z-Wave signal into something your router can understand; then you’ll be able to connect with your lock from anywhere.

Monitored or Non-monitored Security?

Monitored Systems

Monitored security systems are observed by a professional security company. When the system discovers an emergency, it notifies the home security company and/or emergency responders. A protected home is a monitored home. Without monitoring, your security is just a sign on the door.

Remember, you can remotely lock and unlock your doors from anywhere in the world with smart lock. You can keep the deadbolt that you already have and add a layer of connectivity over it or you can completely replace your existing deadbolt.

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